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2011 Infiniti M37 M56

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
edited September 2014 in INFINITI
Talk about the new M37 here!

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  • lsachslsachs Posts: 13
    edited September 2010
    I am expecting to get a new 2011 M37x in next several weeks and am trying to figure out how to configure. I am certain I want the Technology package and will be upgraded to the 10 speaker audio system in Premium package. Can those who have either opted for or against the Deluxe Touring Package let me know how they feel about whether they miss the upgrade or really enjoy the features in the Deluxe touring package? I don't think that I see much in the package that would have a big impact.

    I appreciate any feedback given.
  • I have the 2011 M37x and I opted out out the deluxe touring package, i prefer the wood on the premium package, the silver dust seems to make it so light and almost worn looking. the stereo would be a nice to have, but i really cant complain about the 2 channel system in the premium package.
    I wish some of the items in the technology package where simply standard items since some are great but others are more novelties, i again opted out of that since the price can really rack up if you add every thing on
  • sgl1sgl1 Posts: 34
    edited March 2011
    Wanted to start a thread on reported problems / issues folk are experiencing. I noticed there are some Technical Service Bulletins posted, but I don't have the details for them. Anyone know more about these?:

    TSB Number & Issue Date TSB Title:
    10-040 JUL 10 Campaign P0353 - ECM Update For MIL/DTC P0133/P0153
    10-031 JUL 10 Campaign P0336 - Navigation Software Update

    TSB Number & Issue Date TSB Title:
    10-067 OCT 10 Steering/Suspension - Wheel Bearing Collision Damage
    09-050A SEP 10 Tire Monitor System - Warning Lamp Diagnostics
    10-059 SEP 10 Antitheft System - NATS Security VBC Logic
    10-056 AUG 10 ABS/TCS - Wheel Speed Sensor Diagnostics
    10-050 AUG 10 Tire Monitor System - Components Not Interchangeable
    10-026A JUL 10 Collision Avoidance - Blind Spot Intervention Activation
    10-027A JUN 10 Lighting - Xenon Headlamp Service Info.
    10-037 JUN 10 Intelligent Key(R) - Memory/Presets Information
    10-032 MAY 10 Engine Controls - MIL ON/DTC's P0133/P0153 Set
    09-029A MAY 10 Cooling System - Long Life Coolant Information
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