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toyota 60k valve service?

brett18brett18 Member Posts: 9
edited March 2014 in Toyota
i noticed that my owners book calls
for valve clearance at 60k i hae almost 90k,never been done ,and a timing belt and some igntion rotor and wires and cap, Question, Why des my g-friends chevy cavalier of the same year hardly reqire anything,
no timing belt,valves,belt tension,rotor ,cap?i thouhgt toyoats where more technically advanced,oh her cavaler is pretty much a base edition also and ideas?


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    brett18brett18 Member Posts: 9
    oh for the maintnance that was to be done at 60k (now has 90k)is a 560+tax
    butruns fine is a valve adjusment a needed thing,m 21 and found myself needing a good car after my other one
    wrecked and i have to say this has been a good car so far 7 months though a little boring but given the recomendations on this car i dont care,and would plan on keeping it for awhile,any sugestions on how to make it last on a limited income? thanks brett
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    brett18brett18 Member Posts: 9
    is it also normal to have a semi-loud knocking after startup on a 95 corolla,it seems to fade a little when warm,but seems to always be there any sugetions? thanks
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    windowphobe6windowphobe6 Member Posts: 765
    I had a '75 Toyota Celica with the old 20R engine that required valve adjustments every 60k miles. It wasn't any big deal. (In 195,000 miles, the valves were adjusted, yep, three times.) And the alternative - valve lash adjusted hydraulically - has disadvantages of its own, as some of us in the Mazda camp found out.

    Different cars have different maintenance requirements; Toyota presumably knows what its cars need. "Technically advanced" does not equate to "you can ignore it for a hundred thousand miles", despite various automaker boasts.
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    isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    Here is the difference. A well maintained Toyota will outlast that Cavalier by many many miles.

    It will also hold it's resale value while a used Cavalier is a car nobody wants.

    Don't skimp on your car and you will reap the benefits of a 250,000 mile car.
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    armtdmarmtdm Member Posts: 2,057
    I have a service manual which calls for the valve adjsutment at 60,000. When I asked several dealers they said they never do it unless there is a problem. I e-mailed Toyota and referred to their service manual. They e-mailed back that the service manual is "WRONG", at 60,000 there is no valve adjustment and just have a mechanic listen to the engine for valve noise. If normal they do nothing. That advice was at 60,000, my 92 V6 now has 129,000 and going strong.
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    isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    These used to call for a valve adjustment every 3000 miles! On these, it wasn't a matter of them getting loose and noisy. They would tighten up causing a valve to burn.

    These were supposted to be adjusted DEAD COLD but few shops would bother. Some shops and dealers would hook up a large fan under the car for awhile before adjusting the valves. Doubt if that helped much.

    So, I would lie on my back, under my trusty VW bug and would check the valve adjustment. Rarely did they need to be adjusted.
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