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Bought a new 2010 Ford Expedition and car came with new Car2U door/gate opener and NOT Homelink. Gate will not program and Ford's answer is sorry. They told me I can buy a new visor with Homelink at my expense or have new gate controller hardware installed. I visited a dealer who told me the solution was to simply change out the Car2U visor to Homelink but the cost was around 400.00+ to me. Any suggestions as I have contacted Ford with NO success. They feel since it opens my garage door it is working. Forget about it not working the gate.


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    I'm not an expert on the Car2U system, but did you Google your problem? I did, and I saw a number of links on security gate programming. Check the Web site for the vendor at Lear Car2U to see what they have to say. It looks like there's a link to contact someone to get more info.

    Good luck,
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I have talked to Car2U. My solution is to get my Homeowner's Assoc. to allow me to put extra hardware in our gate system with the guarantee it will not interfere with what we have, get a gate service company to install which is paid for my Car2U ( I have not had any luck getting anyone wanting to do the install. My Ford Dealer told me the easiest is to switch the entire Sunvisor to the one with Homelink. My issue is I would have to pay 400.00+ to do this which I think Ford should offer to do. They currently produce some cars with Homelink and some with Car2U. Unfortunately I got the car with the wrong unit installed.
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    Just purchased a 2011 Expedition with the CAR2U and have the same problem with my private gate but it operates on a 12VDC system so no add-on modules can be installed. Will only operate if I am within 2' of the swing gate.

    Did you ever get your problem fixed and if so - how??

    My 2008 had a HomeLink system and it worked fine with no problems.

    The 2011 Car2U required a "fix" module to get my 2nd garage door to open.
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    Your choice is limited. You can buy a replacement driver's visor with Homelink instead of Car2U for your car from Ford. The units will switch out because they use the same wires. Ford told me a bit over 300.00 for the visor and about 125.00 to install. Quite expensive for something that should work without this mess. They would not pay any part of it. I just decided to use my gate fob and not make the change.
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    have you tried a used part outlet (junkyard) for a homelink equipped sunshade? cars get totalled everyday and you might get lucky and find one that matches and operates for you at a reasonable price.
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    Thanks for confirming the good idea. I am looking around to find the color visor etc. I think this Car2U versus Homelink will be a big problem for Ford. Why change to something that doesn't work very good to something that has worked for years. Ford maybe is the only supplier to use Car2U. Most gate service people have never heard of them but are usually familar with Homelink.
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    Had a similar issue on my private gate with a 2011 Expedition. Handheld remote had 12 dip switches, tried for hours to get Car2U to work, no joy. Finally opened gate controller box and discovered it only had 10 dip switches. Reprogrammed the Car2U with only 10 numbers and it worked.

    Just a word to the wise, check both places! Homelink was much easier IMHO.
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