Buick Rendezvous - thunking sound right front

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i have a 2004 Rend. when i back out of my driveway or a parking spot and put in drive to go forward, there is a 'thunking' sound in the right front -- what could that be? I just replaced my wheel bearings (un-needed) because the unethical autoshop i go to said i needed to -- only to find out that i really didnt (im unemployed and a single mom - didn't really need to spent the $150), so i figured id ask here first to get some ideas before i get taken again!


  • 1wildpete1wildpete Member Posts: 25
    Its probably your cv joint, may have got screwed up when they did the hub bearing.

    If u have high mileage then its worn. u can drive a long time with this condition.
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