Lost security lug nut wrench

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1998 Lincoln Continental - Lost the special wrench to fit the security lug nuts? Get a 12-point 3/4" socket. An old Craftsman has a heavy wall and is tool hardened. Use a socket for a 1/2" wratchet. Can't do this with a 6 point - you need a 12 point 3/4" socket.

Hammer the socket onto the security lug nut. It takes a lot of pounding to get it on. Wear safety glasses in case it shatters. Then put a breaker bar or wratchet on the socket and loosen/remove the security lug nut. Replace it with a regular 12mm 1.50 lug nut or another new security nut (don't lose the wrench this time).

To get the old nut out of the socket (it will be stuck in there) insert a 3/8" extention through the back of the socket (1/2" square hole) and tap it with your hammer.
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