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Chrysler PT Cruiser Warning Lights and Trouble Codes



  • My 2006 PT started this a couple of months ago. I think the problem is in the igniton swirtch. When I get in to start the car, I jiggle the key up and down and since I have been doing this I have not had the phantom dash lights go haywire, and there were doing it sometimes up to 10 time a day. A couple of time it shut down the power to the car for a few seconds. Try to jiggle your key when starting and see it that corrects your problem.
  • A mechanic I know that used to work at Chrysler told me that the problem is the electrical wire harness that is beneath the dash and in the steering column is basically being pinched by the steering column. She said she seen the same problems in many PT Cruisers, and traced it to the wire harness. She said that when they made these cars there is a defect that when all the stuff under the steering column, the plastic molding, etc. does not come together right and the wire harness get pinched. Which can short out the computer and do all the crazy stuff with the lights and electrical. It could make the airbag release and is generally a safety hazard. The problem is supposed to be about $3000 to fix.... new wire harness and they have to remove the whole dash, steering, the whole front interior to get to it and fix it. My mom's car was doing all this stuff, lights and gages act crazy, and her radio display would go out and she could hit the steering wheel in just the right place and it would come back on. They fixed different computer stuff on the car that cost my mom $2000 but it still does the same thing. They can't find the problem.... since it does it sporatically... and when it's at the shop it's not doing it. I told this mechanic about all this and she knew exactly what it was. She also said Chrysler doesn't want to acknowledge this problem, even though it is obviously a manufacturing defect and should be a safety recall done for it.... especially because it is extremely common. Like a design flaw. But she said that they hush it up because a safety recall would lose them so much money.
  • I removed the steering column shrouds to assess the difficulty in replacing the ignition switch myself. While it was opened up I pushed on the connector and moved some of the wires around. I did not replace the switch, and the problem has gone away.
  • My car was returned on the back of a breakdown truck September 2011,France mechanics could not find fault. Took it to local dealer and the petrol pump had stopped working and was replaced for £500. The car runs ok but on the dash the ABS warning light stays on as does the track on button.if i waggle the left hand indicator stick it's just like switching on the christmas lights.Just waiting for the next thing to go wrong. Have now done 21,000 miles,so still very low and i do love it as it is purple and not white like most people seem to be driving now.
  • This is has happened to me to many times, the last two times on the interstate going 65 miles an hour, the first time I was able to let the car coast to a top & she started right up. The last time was Friday night, starting blinking then stopped, car was fine for about three miles then flashed on & off several times, & all the gauges went down, the car kind of lurched like it was going to just stop & not even coast. I stomped on the gas & the car just went & did not completely die (I thought I might though)
    The car does not quit every time sometimes the lights blink on & off & then it is fine. Used to happen when I first started the car or when I first started to move, now though it is happening when I have been driving. I have noticed that usually the seat belt light stays on a little to long when first starting the car & then all the icons start blinking.
    I have contacted Chrysler & Irene told me she had never heard of this. Ha! Of course they know, Chrysler needs to take responsibility & fix these! I am afraid I might die in this car.
  • 2008 PT cruiser - driving to work check engine comes on. within minutes it "powered down" stalled and died. Has not started since. Have changed spark plugs, camshank sensor, crankshaft sensor, still nothing. Well now getting P0113 code. any suggestions?
  • It has to be short, there are no other problems w the car. A man in Texas posted a pix of his PT doing this right before it lost power, he insists it is a bad ignition switch, has a short. Chrysler replaced it & he had not had any more occurrence in nine months I went back to view the clip on U tube& it is gone. I do not know what code P0113 is, I would like to know when you find out. My check engine light does not come on, just all the dashboard icons. Chrysler has ignored the problems w this car for too long.
  • I've been having the same problem with my 2006 PT turbo as well. Seat belt light goes on, then all other warning lights blink on and off, warning signal noise off and on, all of the needles go down to zero and bounce back up repeatedly. I've had the instrument cluster replaced with no change. I also saw that youtube video and now can't find it either, and I'm seriously considering just begging someone to replace the ignition switch and ignore the bs diagnostic issue that comes up every time, costs tons to fix, and then doesn't solve the problem. The only thing that seems to help at all is if I see all the lights coming on as I'm starting the car, I turn it off and back on until they don't come on. That way I can drive very short distances without it happening. I'm absolutely fed up with this car, it's unbelievable the dealers don't have any shame when the issue isn't fixed after another new part. They all just hang on to it for a week and claim it can't be replicated, when it's happening multiple times anytime I drive the car.
  • I do not believe for one moment Chrysler does not know what is wrong with these cars. There were several videos of this on U Tube & they all have disappeared. Why? do you know what code P0113 is?
  • CodeP0113 has something to do with the Intake temperature sensor being to high, I just Googled it & have no idea what this means. More than anything when those icons start blinking no one and I mean not one at Chrysler knows what it is or as even heard of it & a mechanic cannot diagnose it.
  • This problem occured rarely on my 2006 non turbo PT Cruiser. Maybe 6-8 times over the course of a year. My daughter recently borrowed the vehicle using the spare key. She had almost continuous problems with the dash going on and off and the car cut off while she was driving. I went to pick up the car and get it home so I could check it out. It worked perfectly. I used a different key.

    My keychain has many keys on it and with nothing else to go on I thought the weight of the key chain might play into the problem. I tried the spare key again-all the problems returned. On further investigation, the spare key inserted with one side facing forward caused problems every time but the spare key inserted the other way works fine.
  • shopdog97shopdog97 Posts: 160

    **The Air Intake Temp Sensor is located in the ductwork between the air filter and the throttle body, a 2 wire plug, I think.I took a chance and just pulled it out and spayed it with electrical contact cleaner and it works fine, no repeat code. My friend has a 2001 PT cruiser and I got this code when I started working on it back in March. He had a starter problem which I replaced and also his camshaft position sensor was bad. Now nearly 3 months later he's getting a PO401 code which has to do with the EGR system saying there's a restriction somewhere. Does anyone have any further info on this problem? Another friend at work had this code on his Toyota Camry recently and he replaced the EGR and several related components but this did NOT solve the problem. When he took it to a garage to have it checked, they found a component on or near the gas tank that was bad and the source of the PO401 code. This is what was the cause of the so called "restriction". If anyone has more info on this particular problem, please respond. Thanks!

  • realty817realty817 Posts: 1

    I have a 2005 PT Cruiser my temperature light keeps coming on and the gauges register that it's going to run hot any second and it doesn't. I have taken it to several repair shops and the dealer and we have replaced the thermostat, all the hoses, had a diagnostic done on it and it's still doing the same thing. One person even suggested that it could be the headers gone bad, and someone even suggested that we need to replace the engine. Anyone have an idea as to what the problem may be? If so, please advise, thinking about getting rid of it.

  • I recently bought a 2005 PT as well.169,000 mi. It was running hot...after changing coolant (which was very dark brown) and thermostat. still ran hot....finally..I decided that the radiator was partially clogged ( as they are very small) and replaced the radiator ($140 at Oreillys) no more running hot. I hope this helps.
  • One more thing......when I bought the replacement radiator. has ports for the transmission line hoses.the orig. One doesnt.the transmission had its own small cooler that sat under the AC cooler.I had to add hose to both transmission lines to reach the ports on the radiator, thus eliminating the small trans. Cooler all together. It works perfect.
  • aaartistaaartist Posts: 1

    I got my PT after having my Suzuki totaled in a head-on collision (ice, other's fault).
    I had this happen to me. Crazy dash lights. Possessed car! Once the car even cut off on me at 55, at night, in rain. I was certain missed death once, but was heading for that again.
    Thanks to forums I fixed it at NO COST. Well, not entirely - $200 and 2 days for mechanics to tell me they couldn't find anything wrong. The second time was free, but still no results. 10 minutes down the road it happened again, both times.
    I NEVER drive with anything on my key. I have a clip key chain and remove all. This is a proven 'fault' in many cars, so you should do this anyway.
    I never 'tilt' my steering wheel any more.
    I put my key in with buttons on it facing me, and make doubly certain that it is completely 'in'.
    I also reset my dash. Get in your car. Press down the odometer trip meter button, then turn on your car. The first time I did this the car didn't come on, but when I restarted it without pressing the button, all was OK. Been OK for over 18 months now. I came to forums looking for a battery light problem.

  • rrubnodrrubnod Posts: 2
    I also have a 2008 PT Cruiser with the same problems. The dealership tried to do a diagnostic test, even after I got the problem to happen again at the dealership. There were no codes that came up even with the problems being duplicated. I am having the ignition switch replaced today because the lights came back on when they wiggled the ignition. I am hoping that this will resolve the problem.
  • rrubnodrrubnod Posts: 2
    It looks like replacing the ignition switch resolved the problem. Have to wonder why it was so difficult to diagnose this problem.
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