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jaguar s-type help please

nerma_gnerma_g Posts: 2
What is the torque on valve gasket bolts jaguar 2001 s-type 4.0 v8?


  • blythe8blythe8 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know where I can find a manual for the S Type navigation System? I have a 2005. My dealer is NO help. Never has been. Next time I'm buying a dang Cadillac.
  • I took it to a mechanic he said replace thermostat. So I did that. Then he said replace radiator, so I did that. So I then took it to another mechanic he said to replace the water pump, so I did that, now he is telling me I need to replace the fan assembly and it will stop overheating. I dont know what to do anymore and I have already put more than I can afford to fix this issue. Any help????
  • i have a 3.0 wich its still over heating.the mechanic replaced the thermostat but nothing.later he runs the car and sees that is overheating and the fan does not turn on so i will have to replace the fan. expect to pay around $600 for a new fan!
  • Look, I might be wrong, but what I think that it is, it`s relay or there is
    one more thing that it`s on the head of the engine, I don`t know the
    word on english but you can ask people in the autozone, it`s not thermostat, try to tell them small thing that it`s on the head of the engine.
    I`ll try to find the name on english, sorry.However, if one of these two things not working the fan is not going to start and all these things that
    you replaced were probably good.I`m surprised that these mechanic`s
    didn`t say that to you.I`m not saying still might be something else,
    that the fan burned...But there is 80 percent chance that I`m right.If these
    two mechanic`s don`t know that, or didn`t say that to you, then they are not mechanic`s.They might be some dishwashers, or they wnat to robber you.Ask your mechanic for this what I said, ask people in the autozone sometimes they know what the cause could be.If you don`t get the problem fixed after that what your mechanic want`s to do, you should get your money back.He must be really smart or really stupid.Sorry about
    spelling but I`m not American, I`m just trying to help.I`ll try to find the name for that thing that I said.
  • I have a '02 S Type 4.0 sport. I had a similar problem years ago. The plastic water bottle (whatever they call it - the reserve tank) get small hair line fractures and once the car gets up to temp the cracks screw up the pressure. Then it overheats and no body can help. Should not be that hard.

    Change this plastic container that reset on the drivers side under the hood.

    Lincoln LS bottle fit mine.

    Good luck and I hope this helps,

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