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jaguar s-type NEED HELP ANYBODY

nerma_gnerma_g Posts: 2
edited August 2010 in Jaguar
Does anybody know What is the torque on valve gasket bolts jaguar 2001 s-type 4.0 v8?


  • hi i have a 99 3 litre s type and recently had to change the coolant radiator but since doing this i got no hot air coming from heater ' how do you bleed the heater system ?
  • hi we have a 2.7d jaguar . we have the" RESTRICTED PERFOMENCE " light on .even tho we add to jag .
    thay sed thay add done the" AIR FLOW FILTER " an some thing to do with the TURBO" .
    an thay sed if the light came back ON . we add to have the tank flushed .
    we add a code reader on an still no codes came up . we got advise to have the "D.P.F " filter removed.
    so add this tUCK away an turned off on computer .the bloke that tock the dpf filter.
    off sed the car add no code folts .but still the restricted performence light on .it drives ok .
    we are not geting no wear fast keep asking difrent forams but no look .
    we tested the "BATTRIE" an the "AIR FILTER" an " AIR MASS FILTER" an also "DEISEL FILTER " which was all fine .
    an the "E .G .R " valve .turned off aswell .
    the garage that did the "D.P,F FILTER" sed the engine was runing fine an nothing wrong with it .
  • vlorrrainevlorrraine Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    Hello I have had my car for about 6 months and did not have any problems with it now..if we step on the gas it jerks or kicks then rolls on sometimes it rolls along smooth then we stop and the jerk starts again we have the engine lignt on and restricted performance error message comes on please :(
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