overheating need help

ahuntoonahuntoon Member Posts: 1
i have a 1993 saturn sl2 DOHC,i have replaced the water pump, thermastate, and coolant reseviour cap--cooling fan seems to work fine and temp gauge seems to be fine. While driving gauge stays around half but when idling starts to overheat. Besides clogged radiatior what else should I be looking at.
Also no coolant lost anywhere and coolant level is at proper level.,no coolant in oil either


  • rbillieuxsrrbillieuxsr Member Posts: 47
    Replace TPS--temp senson orig. ones plastic new ones-metal probably cracked
  • kayemhaykayemhay Member Posts: 1
    You might want to confirm that the fan is working and working well. The speed might have reduced or having bad contacts or relays. The fan might be going bad. If the car is not over heating when driving, it is because the draft of air through the radiator is assisting the fan. When the car is stationery, there is no draft except that provided by the fan. So check the fan operation
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