Matrix 2009/10 paint problem

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I am getting sick and tired of my Matrix 2009 paint quality. The chips is all over the hood! I purchased this car last April 2008. On the 1st 6 months of ownership, about 5 paint chip already in there and the chip is really bad you can see the gray primer paint. there is no way to buff, mind is nautical blue in colour is getting more ugly now. I don't know what type of paint they used in this production vehicle. I used to own Mazda 323 for 10 yrs and it was only one chip. I thing Toyota should release a recall program. now I got to obliged to buy the hood deflector. please join this forum if you have a
matrix 2009 and 2010 with paint problem. We need toyota Corp. to do a Voluntarily Recall.
Now is more than a dozen paint chip on the hood!


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    I have the same problem where paint chip is almost all over , Toyota needs to do something about this
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    I have fewer than 15,000 miles on my white 2009 Matrix. When I purchased it with 9000 miles on it, there were only 1 or 2 chips on the plastic bumper. When I went to wash it yesterday, I discovered (to my horror) that what I thought were road grime spots were actually thousands of tiny chips in the plastic and even a few in the metal on the hood. I can assure you, this car has not been driven on any rough gravel roads, sanded snowy roads, or any other conditions that might have created this problem. I keep it in the garage at night. Has there been any sort of recall on the paint for this year?
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    Hi. I just learned from the Toyota dealership that there is a recall on the paint. Give your local dealer a call and they can tell you if it applies to your vehicle as well.
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    I went to the dealer today... no one knew anything about any paint recall... starting to dislike toyota!
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