2001 Grand Am GT Electrical Problems

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HI. I recently bought a used 2001 Pontiac Grand Am GT and am having what I assume to be electrical issues. Yesterday, while driving on the highway on a roadtrip, the Security light came on and stayed lit, not flashing. Two hours later, again while driving, the car door locks began locking and unlocking continuously and did so for 2 hours. Finally, after I stopped for gas and restarted the car, the security light went off and the locks stopped locking and unlocking. About an hour later, still while driving, the "Security" light came on again. When I arrived at my destination, I could not get the door locks to stay locked when the car was parked and turned off.

When I woke up the following morning, my trunk was open (and no one had touched the keys and the car was off!). So, I thought perhaps the keyless entry control had a defect of some kind. I removed the battery from the keyless entry control and manually unlocked the door with the key. When I put the key in the ignition the "Security" light was on, but was now blinking. The car would not start. I followed the instructions I had read about resetting. I turned the key to the "on" position and waited approximately 11 minutes until the "Security" light went off. I then moved the key to the off position, waited one minute and then started the car. Shortly thereafter, the "Security" light came back on and remained solid but the car started every time I stopped therafter.

Later that same day, I parked the car and went out to dinner, knowing that the car would not stay locked on its own, but thought I would deal with that later. When I returned to the car, the lights on my rear-view mirror and the dome light on the inside of the car were on and the alarm on the inside was going off as if to alert me that a door was ajar. I got in and started the car and the alarm went off, but the lights remained on. I drove the car home, and the lights went off, but would come on at each stop sign or red light (or whenever the car was in stopped position). As I accelerated, they would then go off again. This repeated. When I finally parked the car at home and got out, the inside lights would not turn off and the buzzer/alarm would not turn off either. I walked around the car and reshut every door. I did this twice. With great frustration, I went around and pushed harder on each closed door to make sure they were all the way closed. When I did this to the rear passenger door, the inside lights went out, but the buzzer kept going off.

There was also a light that went off indicating low coolant, which I just had topped off and checked three days prior.

It also sounds like the radio, ever so slightly will get louder or softer on its on while I'm driving.

And now here a few minutes ago the radio doesn't even come on. Thanks for reading.


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    With all those symptoms, it doesn't sound like the run of the mill Passlock problem that occurs. It could be a BCM (body control module) or PCM (powertrain control module) problem, but without swapping out parts (probably the best course in this case) it's hard to say. There's been cases of corrosion on the connectors to these parts that causes these types of wild electrical problems, but it could be more than one issue and the Passlock could still be faulty. The security light coming on solid while driving and then flashing during the no start problem is the classic Passlock failure symptom ( the Hall effect sensor on the ignition switch being faulty).
    I'm not sure if the audio system in the 01 had SCV (speed compensated volume) but that would explain the radio volume going up and down. Check the owners manual, you can turn it off or change the setting if it has that function. My 04 has it.
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    I have a problem with the door lock (on the drivers side only-interior) which prevents me from being able to lock the door without using the key or leaning over and locking from passenger side. I don't have a remote so I have to utilize the buttons to lock the doors. The button feels kind of loose and this has been a problem for a few weeks. Now I have just experienced the window (drivers side only) will not roll down - all others work. Anyone have any suggestions on what problem could be? Thanks for your help!
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    Sounds like the switch under the button may have broke, or the backside of the button itself. Possibly ditto for the window as well, but without some troubleshooting it's hard to say. The window regulator or motor could be out too. Sounds like the door panel may need to come off for some checking....
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    I was afraid of that. The door lock switch is the one that is loose - it still has power to it though and I can unlock doors okay - it is hit or miss if it will lock from inside (doesn't more often than not because it's too wiggly to hit right spot). The window switch is not loose at all - it just suddently quit working like it has no power to it, which made me think it was a fuse at first except the other windows work fine. I appreciate the info
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    I also have a 2001 Pontiac GrandAm GT, V6. It is having the same electrical problems mentioned "THE EXACT SAME PROBLEMS". Why has there not been a recall on this yet?
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    I agree with Burdawg. The problems you are having are so many that your problems have to be related to something central, and a defective BCM could very well be that item. It's also possible that you have a defective ground point somewhere, and it's being effected by vibration or accelleration/deceleration. A loose ground point could very well be what's causing your "SECURITY" light to come on solid while driving.

    You REALLY need a shop manual with wiring diagrams to troubleshoot your car. You might try going by a salvage yard and getting a used BCM and try replacing that. Most junk yards around here will let you try something like that to see if it works. I did that with my Monsoon Radio. Good luck.
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    Yea, I've been writing down a "PLAN OF ACTION" LOL, I'm completely exhausted right now from thinking about what I want to do first. I have a buddy with an '04 GrandAm and has yet to experience the security light of doom, kinda reminds me of the XBOX and "THE RING OF DEATH". Oh well, it looks good with my new head lamp assemblies that I bought for it. :confuse:
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    I found this while web surfing might be worth checking out:

    http://www.repairservicemanuals.com/Pontiac/Grand Am GT/2001/
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    I was shocked, I actually got a call back from GM about my Grand Am. They assured me that all my problems were being looked in to. Unfortunately like someone had mentioned in a previous post, not enough people actually call or email GM (Pontiac) about their issues they are having and the issues they are having are problems that ALOT of Grand Am owners are having. Also some of these problems people are having with their Grand Am's are not SAFETY issues so they are not considered a priority by GM (Pontiac). This is what I sent to [email protected];



    CLARKSVILLE, TN. 37042
    [email protected]

    Please Read but be advised there is tons more! Thank You.

    http://www.carcomplaints.com/Pontiac/Grand_Am/2001/electrical/passlock_problem_w- ont_start_anti-theft_light_is_on.shtml

    If you are having the same concerns about your Pontiac Grand Am and you love your car this is the email address you need to send your concers to, [email protected]

    Thanks, Terry :P
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    from [email protected]
    reply-to [email protected]
    to [email protected]
    date Wed, May 4, 2011 at 1:36 AM
    subject Pontiac Consumer Support Team
    hide details 1:36 AM (5 hours ago)
    Service Request: 71-942840694
    Customer Relationship Specialist: Alex

    Dear Terry,

    Thank you for contacting the Pontiac Customer Assistance Center. We appreciate you taking the time to write us regarding the theft deterrent concern of your 2001 Pontiac Grand Am.

    I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience the issue might have brought you.

    Pontiac works to ensure each customer concern is handled in a way that reflects our values and we have carefully reviewed the facts surrounding your case. A review of our records indicates this issue with the theft deterrent system was reviewed fairly and justly and a final resolution was reached.

    We do sincerely apologize but we are unable to extend warranty service or cost assistance for the repairs that needs to be performed on your vehicle.

    We understand that there may be a point where you won t agree but we hope you understand our position as it relates to the manufacturer's obligation.

    Please consider this confirmation of our receipt of your e-mail. In addition, I have added the information you provided to service request number 71-942840694 and I sent a notification to the representative assigned to your file.

    If you should need to contact us in the future, simply reply to this message or call our Pontiac Customer Assistance Center at 1-800- 762-2737. Customer Relationship Specialists are available Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Eastern Time.

    Again, thank you for contacting Pontiac.


    The Pontiac Consumer Support Team
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    i have had the exact same problem with my wifes 2001 gt. the light on the mirror problem and the passlock issue started first in about 2005. the passlock problem only happened when i used the keyless entry system. when i stopped using the remote and just the key the car stared every time but the security light has been on since ( about 6 years ) and never a starting issue unless someone locked the car with the remote. the door locks started about 2 years ago and the chime for the doors open about 2 years ago. if anyone has any ideas please share! the car was off the road for two years but i am now trying to get it back on the road for my kids. any help is appreciated
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    I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand am...same problems..door locks..security light..blinker switch..dome light..it's like driving with a gremlin in the dash...
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