91 Caravan shifting problems

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My 91 Caravan sometimes shifts @3 or 4 on the tach to 1st gear and upto 3 for 2nd gear! It also jerks down to lower gears when starting to slow down in traffic and when stopping it will sometimes jerk forward! I had it into AAMCO for a trans flush and filter change and they also checked out all the shifting of gears and found nothing wrong! They said the trans if fine! But it is still doing it so what could be the problem? I also recently had the head gasket replaced along with the water pump and timing belt! sometimes when driving I have no problem at all and then sometimes it shifts like crap! It also stalls out 1st in the morning and once going again it's okay with no problems except for the shifting problem! The engine is a 3.0 mitsubishi and it is an overdrive transmission with 61,000 miles! Anyone have any suggestions to help me??


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    I have a 98 dodge grand caravan with a 3.3 liter engine, my car will no longer shift into 3rd gear. the fastest my car goes is about 20miles/ per hr. I took it to a mechanic who says it's my speed shifting. he doesn't know the correct name for the 2 parts I need for him to fix without replacing my transmission. he calls it a computer module or " the brain" , I need help !!!!
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    It sounds like what you're asking about is called the Transmission Control Module (aka. TCM).
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