Where is the fuse for the cigarette lighter in a 2002 Protege5?

5dollar5dollar Member Posts: 2
I blew the fuse in my wife's 2002 Protege5 that feeds the cigarette lighter. I cannot find a blown fuse and I cannot find out which fuse it is in the Owner's Manual. Can someone help me and make the whining go away?


  • iamziamz Member Posts: 542
    You could always just quit smoking. ;)
  • 5dollar5dollar Member Posts: 2
    When a kid, I raised 2 tobacco crops. That is enough to make anyone never want to think of the stuff again. I do need my XM radio though.
  • iamziamz Member Posts: 542
    I do know that besides the fuse box just in front of the driver's door, there is also a fuse box under the hood, on the drivers side by the shock mount.
  • promechtechpromechtech Member Posts: 1
    Hi, the fuse is located in the drivers side left kick panel. The fuse is labelled H/CLN it is 20 Amps.

    There is an alternate problem with the wiring in the cigarette lighter where the wire melts and breaks. If you pull out the cigarette lighter assembly you will see a place where one wire splits into two. Find the damage point and replace the wire with a thicker one.

    Good Luck
  • timm52456timm52456 Member Posts: 1
    Is there an easy way to remove the cigarette lighter assembly?
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