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Hyundai Elantra 5-door



  • Yes, excellent job...! One picture you posted has made me curious about something: Do you think the rear seats fold forward to allow the cargo space to be flat? One of the pictures shows the seats folded forward, but one of the videos I've seen didn't show that to be the case. To be able to fold it completely flat would be an added bonus in my opinion.

    Thanks again.

  • Great link page. Looks like you've done your homework. What a slick car! If Hyundai can keep the starting price under $15K there will surely be one of these in my driveway this fall. My wife, who is notoriously discriminating when it comes to a vehicles looks, preferred the Elantra over the 2001 Civic. She liked the "angry" front headlight treatment of the Hyundai.

    Now, if I could only convince her to drive a 5-speed...

    (By the way, davidh: The Civic will return as a 3-door hatch either late this year or early next. Check out the current edition of "Auto World Weekly" for a sneak photo. I'm with you... silly of Honda to kill the hatch just when they are being rediscovered.)
  • otis12otis12 Posts: 171
    I, too, am anxiously awaiting the arrival this spring of the 4-door HB Elantra. This week, Ford announced that they will bring a 4-door HB Focus to the US market later this year. I plan on test-driving the Elantra, Focus and Kia Spectra 4-door HBs, and then going for one. My preference doing in is the Elantra, given the recall that the Focus has experienced.
  • JK,

    Although I cannot say for certain before seeing an actual car, the rear seats probably will fold down flat.

    In the picture I have on my web site, the seat bottoms look like they were folded up before the seat backs were folded forward. Depending on your monitor, you may not be able to see this much detail in the picture.

    In the video, the seat backs were folded forward without moving the seat bottoms. The seat backs cannot fold all the way down without moving the seat bottoms out of the way.


    Does your wife know how to drive a 5-speed? Why does she not like manual transmissions? Maybe you could ask her what she would like to do with the $800 you save by forgoing the AT?

    Personally, I hate ATs. Every AT car I have driven I end up shifting manually after about 10 minutes because they never pick the right gear for my taste. The transmission in the last AT car I owned lasted 40,000 miles before needing to be replaced (due to my abuse). After that car, I decided that it was only manual transmission cars for me. Fortunately, my wife agrees with me. :)

  • Can't say for the others, but the rear seats of my KIA Spectra fold flat and provide an enormous amount of cargo space.

    My Spectra is a 2k1 GS w/5-speed. It is a great handler with reasonable pep - great acceleration in the higher gear ranges.

    Bought for practical reasons the honeymoon did not begin for a couple days. The honeymoon continues and I'm still infatuated.
  • i owned, will still do, a 1987 hyundai excel 5door. it provided excellent versitility, could carry mine and my friends skis plus other junk in the back. very comfortable car -- even has adjustable lumbar controls for the driver. my younger sister has an accent, and i will probably sell my neon for a new hyundai elantra. and to attest to hyundai's relaibility -- my excel has over 170,000 miles and still starts and runs fine even in the cold new york winters.
  • Anyone know what the 2002 Elantra wagon will look like and specifically when it's supposed to be out? I will probably end up with the hatchback but the wagon would give me that extra bit of room. Why oh why did Hyundai discontinue the wagon?
  • LOL to your last post, tmundar! My wife does have fair 5-speed driving skills; however, she just doesn't like to drive a manual transmission. We live in northern NJ/Suburban New York City where the traffic is murderous so I can't say I blame her. Even a diehard stickshift man like myself is tempted to buy an A/T after inching through an hour of Lincoln Tunnel traffic. Besides, if we saved the $800 my lovely wife would probably ask if we could use it to buy an auto tranny for our new car :-)

    If we go with the Elantra we'll be selecting the A/T on the option sheet. It's easier for us both since we'll be sharing the car. Any idea if Hyundai has corrected the valve defect that plagued the earlier Elantra A/T models? I'd hate to bring the car in for tranny problems...

    Also, does anyone know when the 5-door is supposed to arrive at dealerships? I think our timetable would be to purchase in June or July. I've seen several of the new sedans recently, so I know they are in.

    Keep the helpful info coming!! This topic is great!
  • ken126ken126 Posts: 39
    Someone said on another message board that Hyundai will release the 5 door at the end of March. I dont know how true it is though.....
  • From all of the sources that I have found, one source said the GT will arrive in March, one said April, and the rest said the spring of 2001. I would guess that they will be in show rooms near the beginning of April, just to be pessimistic.

    I guess that I should be thankful that traffic here (Central Arizona) never gets bad enough for me to even entertain the idea of owning an A/T. :) For the traffic jams here, my wife and I find that a manual transmission is actually easier than an A/T because I can keep the car in a lower gear and avoid using the brakes constantly. My car even has the stiffest clutch I have ever used. Gotta keep that left leg in shape. :)

    This is the last thing I will say about M/T vs. A/Ts. We're supposed to be talking about the Elantra GT here. Bad Tom!

  • Msg. 348 in Accent Forum, by Bob Cook --

    Elantra GT scheduled for April production, available in dealerships in June or July.

    Likely a 2002 model.

  • Of course, the Elantra GT has been out in Korea for some time, perhaps "sched. for prod." means the LHD model for export to U.S. Then it's got to take a several-month-long boat ride.

  • Thanks for the info. Looks like the car will arrive here just about the time I would be ready to buy. Lucky me. I plan to attend the NY Auto Show in April so I guess that'll be the first time I'll see the car up close. I'll post my impressions.

    By the way, for anyone who may have doubts about the quality of Hyundai vehicles, I sat in the Hyundai Accent (2000 model) at last year's NYC auto show and I found the interior pieces were fitted just as tightly and neatly as in a $25,000 Oldsmobile. The interior was comfortable, too. The only other "budget" model that impressed me as much was the Toyota Echo. IMO, Hyundai is showing improvement in its ability to carefully build a car and keep the price reasonable.
  • Though bobcook54 (the Hyundai manager) did say production would begin in April, I'd still think twice about that... numerous sources have stated that it would be around in April. A video I watched of the press conference for the GT stated it would be available late first or early second quarter. Early second quarter... that would mean April, no?

    On the other hand, I wouldn't be incredibly surprised if Hyundai was taking longer than expected and pushed the release date back a bit... who knows. The fact it'll be a 2002 model would also suggest a later release date.

  • In case anyone's interested, I visited my local Hyundai dealer in MA and asked when they thought the hatchback would arrive. They said October. He said that they were told not to count on getting any soon because Hyundai is trying to boost production of the Santa Fe SUV instead.

    I really hate my Subaru right now, which is why I'm so anxious!
  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Word I received from talking to Hyundai is that the GT will ONLY initially be available as a 5-speed. This hatch will be marketed as a sports car, with beefed up suspension, bigger tires, 4 wheel discs, ABS, optional leather, etc. Might have to wait another year for an automatic once these come out if this is true. Sorry.
  • OK! I'll check with Hyundai brass once again and post it here in the next day or two and find out what the ETA is! also, I'll check on 5 speed vs. auto. availablity. As far as 2002 models coming our early,just about all manufacturers come out with a model that is designated the next year model in the spring!This is,IMHO,strickly a marketing ploy;i.e.,you get the privalege of driving a new model 4-5 months early.
  • leomortleomort Posts: 451
    what subaru do you have? Subaru was one of the cars on shopping list. what don't you like about it?

  • OK,as promised,here is the latest on the Elantra 5dr. First,it IS scheduled for April production,which means it should be here in late May.Second,availabilty will be tight.Here in the midwest,we're only expecting 300 month for 125 dealers.Four colors will initially be available:black,bright red,silver,and cranberry. At THIS point,it WILL be a 2001 model.Automatic will be available.Standard equipment includes leather,aluminum wheels(same ones on the tiburon),fog lights,and power package. Package 2 adds the sunroof. The last package,package 3,adds the sunroof and ABS/traction control.Hope this helps! Bob
  • Thanks, bobcook54. Too bad about the limited numbers in the Midwest. I'm hoping they will ship us a relatively higher number here in the NYC area. Also glad to hear that Hyundai is keeping the A/T as an option. I've seen the silver and cranberry sedans. To me, cranberry is the way to go - it's a much more eye-catching color. But neither car looks bad. I am glad they stuck to the plan and are giving consumers the 5-door this year. I'm really pulling for all the Korean carmakers to do well in the USA and I think they will as long as they listen to what we want rather than telling us what they think we need.

    Still considering three vehicles; Elantra, Kia Rio wagon and Honda Civic LX. Primary use will be for daily 50-mile round trip commute over secondary and tertiary roads. Vehicle will also be used for bike/ski trips in season (thus the need for a h/b). And 2 or 3 times per year the vehicle will be driven between NYC and Cape Cod. I plan to keep the vehicle for the next 5-7 years.

    I'm interested in others' feedback: given the vehicle's intended use, the fact that its purchase will be financed with approx. $2,500 down over 48 or 60 mos., and that reliability, flexibility and economy take precedence over style and performance, which of the three vehicles would you purchase?
  • cjaccetta,

    Based on your criteria, I would lean toward the Honda. While the GT has the Civic trumped for flexibility, the Civic has the edge in reliability and economy.

    While I believe that Hyundai has made great strides in terms of reliability, I do not believe that they have reached the level of Honda and Toyota, yet.

    For fuel economy, the Honda has the advantage. The Civic Automatic gets 30/38 city/hwy EPA MPG, while the Elantra gets 24/33. Of course, EPA MPG should be taken with a grain of salt. In Consumer Reports, they got 28 MPG (Civic) vs. 25 MPG (Elantra) during a recent test in mixed driving.

    Of course, there are many other considerations in the economy of a car. The Civic will cost more to begin with, but it will also be worth more after a few years. Depreciation for Hyundais is much worse than Hondas. I have seen two-year-old Civics on sale for more than a new Elantra.

    The Kia Rio wagon might have a little more cargo space than the Elantra GT, but I believe that Kia's reliability is currently lower than Hyundai's (Although they have similar warranties, and I am sure the Kia's reliability will improve in the future).

    Have you considered the Kia Spectra Hatchback?

    Personally, I would never make a decision without driving the cars. Each person has different opinions about how a car should feel. I preferred the feel of my 1997 Hyundai Tiburon over all of its competitors. It felt the most like my other car (which wasn't running at the time). The fact that it cost less then all of its competitors was a bonus.

    Of course, my choice of the Civic is assuming that your three criteria are weighted equally. If flexibility is weighted more heavily than reliability and economy, then the choice could swing back toward the Elantra.

    Personally, the three cars that I have narrowed my choice down to are the Hyundai Elantra GT, Mazda Protege, and the Nissan Sentra SE. Of course, if Hyundai takes too long bringing out the GT, I may consider the Toyota Matrix or the Pontiac Vibe.

    It is too bad that the GT will not be out until May. The GT may face stiff competition from the Mazda Protege5 on my list. If the GT comes out in April, I would probably buy it before the 5-door Protege is released (Assuming it is as good as I hope it is).

  • mpgmanmpgman Posts: 723
    Should make for an interesting spring. Drove a 2.0 01 Pro ES and was impressed. Had an auto. Hatchbackers shouldn't rule out VW Golf. Even basic GL comes standard with ABS, side and head air bags (4), full spare, heated mirrors, and a host of other goodies including some of the best adjustable driver and pasenger seats in the industry. VW also offers 10/100 on engine and powertrain and does all maintenance for first 2/24. Mileage is in Elantra territory unless you get the diesel.
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    EPA Estimated Miles Per Gallon:
    w/2.0L Engine & Auto Trans.: City 22; Hwy 28
  • cjaccettacjaccetta Posts: 236
    Good feedback as usual, tmundar. It's always tough to discount the Civic, but the prices of most models are relatively high here in NJ. One criteria I didn't mention was safety, and the Civic does have a good record there. Recently a friend totaled her 1995 Civic coupe -- she walked away from the wreck and received a settlement of over $10,000 from her insurer. Not bad.

    I really do like the new Civics, but why o why, did Honda ever decide to cease producing the wagon version?!? I can't put my mountain bike in the sedan...

    I actually followed a Spectra h/b for a few miles this morning on my way to the office. Nice looking car, but the Sephia pedigree frightens me. Of course, I plan to thoroughly test drive many vehicles before I buy so I'll probably spend a full day at the Kia dealer driving all the models.

    You mentioned the Mazda Protege in your last post. I saw several of the "sport wagon" models when I was honeymooning in Bermuda last summer. They were right-hand drive but I think they are essentially the same version being imported to this country soon. I fell in love with the look of the cars and remember wishing (at the time) that I could get my hands on one here. Especially a blue one. Well now it looks like a possibility. I think I'll add that one to my list as well.

    Thanks again for the advice!
  • tmundartmundar Posts: 70
    The Civic and the Elantra are probably about the same as far as safety is concerned. On the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) web site, The Elantra got 5-stars for front passengers and 4-stars for rear passengers in the side impact ratings. The Civic 2-door got 5-stars for front and rear passengers, but the Civic 4-door got 4-stars for the front and rear passengers. The Elantra is scheduled for front impact testing in March, so I cannot make a comparison there (All Civics got 5-stars). The 2000 Elantra got 5-stars for the driver and 4-stars for the passenger for front impacts, and I doubt if the 2001 Elantra will be any less effective.

    I have seen the effectiveness of the Civic's crash protection. On February 11th, I watched an older SUV lose control and a Civic crashed straight into its side at about 60 MPH (although the relative speed of the impact was probably closer to 25 MPH). Everyone walked away from that crash.

  • jkempskiejkempskie Posts: 49
    That's good news. Surprised that leather comes as standard... thought it would just be an option. Also wondering about the ABS/TCS package. Probably tough to find. Also, with standard 4 wheel disc brakes (right?), it's too bad ABS weren't standard. Say, besides what you listed, won't it come standard with alarm and CD player as well?


    About my Subaru, don't worry about it. If you're considering a new one, I'm sure they're fine. I'm driving a hand-me-down '92 Loyale wagon... you know, the ones you see that are all rusty. It's got the weakest engine imaginable, has a 3-speed automatic transmission (that revs at 4000rpms at 65mph!), and stinks in many other ways. The 4WD is great, though.

    Now... back to the Elantra hatchback:
  • estoesto Posts: 136
    I was under the impression that the standard leather in the GT was on the steering wheel (leather wrapped) and shift knob - not the seats.
  • bobcook54bobcook54 Posts: 79
    That's what the distribution manager told me and he has already put in his initial order. If you ask your local dealer, he probabaly won't know much because Hyundai hasn't officially released any thing yet.
  • tmundartmundar Posts: 70
    Thank you, Bob, for your information, but I think Erik is right. I do not wish to contradict you, since your information sources are better than mine, but everything I have read mentions a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shift knob as standard, and the leather seats are an option.

    The most convincing argument for me is that everything that I have read says the GT is going to be only about $1000 more than the base Elantra. Normally, leather seats all by themselves are more than a $1000 option, and the GT has upgraded wheels and tires, a CD player, rear disc brakes, and a sport-tuned suspension that are not included on the base sedan.

  • Does anyone know if heated mirrors are available on the new protege, elantra, or outback? Also which have the best kind of side airbag. I know that VW has available heated mirrors and head airbags.
    When you have an old car that has certain conveniences, you are not too keen on spending up to 20,000 on a new car that does not!!!
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