Dbl Cab Interior Room ?

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Is the interior dimensions of the double cab the same on the Long Bed version vs the short bed version? The Dbl Cab long bed version almost appears stretched out a little, but maybe it is just my eyes playing tricks on me. Those that have a family of 3 to 5 people, how do you find the leg or seating room in the back (include age or size of family members too)?


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    Just for other future researchers out there.
    The short and long bed interior dimensions are the same.
    I have a family of 4 and a large breed dog and we can get around fine with everyone in the cab. I would not recommend LONG trips with 5 people in the car, the back can get a bit tight after a couple of hours for large people. Children up through the teens will fit perfectly fine and can do fine on long trips. Small adults could also last several hours in the back, but I wouldn't take 5 large adults on a trip longer than an hour or so. I'd say 3 large adults and 2 small ones should do fine on a lengthier trip.
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