Lemon Law and Breach of Warranty

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I have had all the problems that everyone has posted on this blog! Those of you with just the throttle body problem, hold tight.... your transmission is next. Not to mention replacing your back breaks every 30,000 miles! And, all the lights and buttons working when they want to!

I am a loyal Ford owner! And I have never had problems like I do with the Freestyle. I have a 2007 and my in- laws have a 2006! Same problems. When my mother in law started having problems with hers I was able to tell her what it was without taking it to the mechanics!

Anyways, I have paid to have the car fixed. It is still not the same. Funny noises coming from different places.

So, I got online and did some research and of course found this blog and some others. Then, I started looking under the lemon law and breach of warranty. I found one that doesn't charge you. You send in all your information, their lawyers and aides review it and then if you have a case they take it from there. The ladies in the office were very helpful. After a few months they contacted me, took my case and said I will be hearing from them in the next 6 - 8 weeks. It can't hurt! And, I am already out all the money to fix the junk anyways!

It's wrong! And Ford knows it!


  • debbiew75debbiew75 Member Posts: 19
    as of a week ago ford denied the settlement. the lawyer said this was normal. and of course a day before this my throttle body went out again. 1st time it was replaced was july 09 and the 2nd time in october 2010! back brakes have been replaced twice.... i have 82000 miles on the car and of course the brand new transmission that was replaced at 75,019 miles!!!! gotta love the freestyle!
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    Use the info below to add your complaint to the ones the NHTSA has the more people voice their problems, the more chance we have of getting a new recall issued. There is a class action against Ford but the throttle issue, BUT only for California residents. I spoke to the lawyer today and was told that they decided not to take on the case nationally, but have hopes that if they win then it will force Ford to do a recall on all affected models.

    Here is the website: https://www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov/ivoq/

    Here is the info I just got from the NHTSA website. I opened a claim and then added this action number to the investigation: PE11018

    NHTSA Action Number: NHTSA Recall Campaign Number:
    PE11018 N/A
    Make: FORD Model: FREESTYLE
    Manufacturer : FORD MOTOR COMPANY
    Model Year : 2005
    Component(s) :
    Date Investigation Opened : May 11, 2011
    Date Investigation Closed : Open
    ODI has received 238 complaints alleging incidents of unexpected vehicle movement when the driver's foot is not on the accelerator in model year 2005 through 2007 Ford Freestyle vehicles. Complainants allege that the vehicle brakes are effective in either preventing or stopping the movement, but in some cases the vehicle has moved as much as 10 feet if the brake was not applied, lightly applied or applied late. The movement resulting from the unexpected idle speed increase, often described as a "lunge," is alleged to have resulted in 18 minor crashes. Reports allege that the lunging occurs when the driver's foot is not on the accelerator and either firmly on the brake pedal, lightly on the brake pedal, or hovering above the pedals (such as may occur when coasting under idle speed). Incidents occurring during firm brake application note increased engine rpm, but no vehicle movement. In incidents occurring when the brake is not applied or lightly applied, vehicle movement may result. Incidents have been reported in both forward and reverse gears. Complaints allege that the lunge is sudden and unexpected, and generally of brief duration. There is some indication that the condition may be made worse with during air-conditioning operation or when the steering wheel is turned a significant amount, as may occur during low-speed parking lot type maneuvers - conditions which are part of normal idle control strategy to compensate for increased engine load from cycling of the air-conditioning compressor or power steering pump. ODI has identified 18 minor crashes that may be related to the subject condition, none of which resulted in an airbag deployment. One crash involved a minor impact with a pedestrian in a residential driveway, resulting in a minor injury (bruised knee not requiring medical attention). A list of the specific ODI complaint identification numbers related to the Failure Report will be submitted as a separate memo to the investigation file. A Preliminary Evaluation
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