Hyundai Tucson Extended Warranty

andrelaplumeandrelaplume Member Posts: 934
Well Pop just bought a 2011 Tuscon...nice car, nicer than our 06 Rav in some respects lacking in others. Lets talk extended warranty. They offered him a bumper to bumper 10/100000 warranty for $1900. Obviously thats crazy since its covered for 5/60 anyway. Many would argue its a waste at any cost but some keep their cars 7 - 8 years and if you put low enough mileage on the sucker you might get 10/100K.

So whats a good price to pay? Can you net shop for pricing? Anyone know any dealers who are willing to do it online cheap...that how we got our RAV b2b 7/100K for $700.

Leads, ideas, thoughts....?


  • motordavidmotordavid Member Posts: 39
    There are pages on the net of aftermkt warranty companies, and a few are still quite legit and well funded. But rather than pitch one or two that I've had good luck with, why even consider an add'l warranty now? Pop may hate the car and sell it; he may have the misfortune of a depreciating accident, etc.

    I would rec'd waiting until Pop's Hyundai gets closer to the expiration of the warranty, as in year 4 1/2 or ~50k miles. Then survey the car boards, and Net, for legit 3rd party warranty companies still in biz. I would avoid any aftermkt or 3rd party "warranty" sold by a dlr, unless it was a "CPO-like" coverage near the end of your Pop's warranty. My 50 Cts...
    GL, mD
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Member Posts: 1,060
    "legit third party warranties" ??? Please name a few. From what I have read on thre Edmunds forums, none of them sound like a good deal. "Warranty Gold" anyone!!!!!!
  • andrelaplumeandrelaplume Member Posts: 934
    Yea, uh no offense to anyone but the I have read up on the 3rd party stuff and it sounds like the only satisfied folks are the ones that never used them!

    To the point about waiting to see if he likes the car, I agree...BUT waiting 4.5 years is too long since the price of the warranty will only go up. I am looking for real pricing folks have paid for the genuine OEM warranty, or better yet dealers who sell over the net for $100 or less over margin figuring its worth the 10 minutes phone time to make that profit. Anyone can help with that....?
  • froggy73froggy73 Member Posts: 1
    Just bought a 2012 tuscon and want to buy a bumper to bumper extended since hyundai doesn't actually cover from bumper to bumper. I was amazed to read how many things are only covered for 12months /36 miles. My first hyundai was bumper to bumper but no more. nav system is only covered for a few months also. If anyone knows of a place online to purchase I would appreciate any info. I purchased a honda warrantee online a few years ago for half the price of the dealer.
  • sprit12sprit12 Member Posts: 1
    just bought 2012 Tucson Limited and paid $1811 for the Platinum 10/100, mine came with a $100 deductible, seriously thinking about cancelling after reading through various posts.
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