Prepaid Maintenance to 75K ?

dougbradleydougbradley Member Posts: 2
Hey all - I bought an Elantra Touring and was offered the prepaid scheduled maintenance to 75K miles.
($1295 first offer, then $1195)

Seems like a good deal to me - as a couple of the major mainteance seem to cost like $400 (and brakes can be a bunch too..)

The finance guy said he computed would cost like double this if bought alone. And good at any Ford dealership...

- Anyone have experience with this?
- I assume I can buy at my first oil change at dealership?
- I wonder if I can get price lower?



  • jlflemmonsjlflemmons Member Posts: 2,242
    Well, first off, brakes are not considered a standard maintenance item, so be sure they will really cover a complete brake service and not just an inspection.

    Second, he is basing the cost of savings on what his dealership charges for maintenance. You do not have to use a dealership for maintenance, so his numbers are whatever he wants them to be.

    An oil change every 5k miles is going to run you about $500 for 75K. And some of these maintenance plans are for a change evey 7500 miles, so you are not even getting that good a deal.

    Many of the 30K/60K etc "Recommended Services" are for inspections, not actual repairs, so while tellin you what needs service is covered, the repair itself is not.

    I am always very wary of this kind of a deal.
  • misterbillmisterbill Member Posts: 60
    I bought one of these deals with Mazda many years ago. The dealer's employee lied to me and told me that it included the 60k mile service (which would have made it pay for itself). When I received the booklet in the mail it was obvious that it did not. I went back and made them give me a refund, which took a long time to get and was very unpleasant (I had a very good buying experience, I had the A-Plan pricing so there was no negotiation, but I think the dealer mistakenly gave me an extra $500 in rebates so they were not happy when I came back looking for a refund on the service plan).

    Bottom line is that it's very unlikely that it is a good deal.
  • dougbradleydougbradley Member Posts: 2
    yeah I asked Maintenance Department about this when I went in for 1st oil change.

    They gave me a much different price - they didn't know why difference - but guess is because their deal included oil changes at 5K interval where other offer was at 7.5K which is offical schedule. Funny they had different recommendation from original sales person...

    At any rate - after that discrepancy I'm glad I did not buy it...
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