MB GLK Class Front Brake Pads Already Gone?

seekingaudia4seekingaudia4 Member Posts: 66
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The wife was complaining about brake noise, I looked at the discs, the rear ones are fine, the front ones already seem to need resurfacing. Do the pads already need replacement at 12K miles?


  • bmwglkbmwglk Member Posts: 2
    Same here, wife complaining about brake noise or squealing. Since the car had just under 12K the dealership looked at them at no cost. They didn't fix the problem we still have the brake noise when you applies the brakes(not when she is just driving down the road). Your brake pads shouldn't need to be replaced already not unless you have a issue with the brake calibar not releasing all the way and you have extensive brake pad ware do to the fact that they are not releasing. Do you happen to have the brake noise all the time? If you do and you don't get it fixed soon you will end up having to replace your rotors also.
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