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Nissan Rogue Start and Stall Problems

rts6rts6 Posts: 3
edited November 2014 in Nissan
Ok I do not think this is transmisson problem Last Friday while driving around 35mph my 09 rogue stalled without warning, tried to restart at least 10 times car would start for about 3 seconds and stall again. Had it towed to Nissan dealer where they did not look at until Monday, of course it ran fine and had no codes stored so was returned to me. With no explaintion of why it happened. Of course I think it is sure to happen again, has any one else had this problem 2009 SL FWD


  • anything come of this??
  • rts6rts6 Posts: 3
    nothing yet, has not happened again
  • dpesdpes Posts: 1
    I bought a 2010 nissan rouge in nov 09 and since then i have had trouble with it starting. i crank the ignition but nothing happens beside the lights in the dashboard turn on. this went on until june of 2010. It seemed that the service dept was finally able to fix it by replacing several parts that pertained to the ignition. Everything was fine until today i turned on the truck and it turned on and immediatly turned off i cranked the ignition again and nothing happend except the lights on dash cranked again and it turned on unfortunatly its the weekend and service dept is closed will have to wait till monday.And everytime i take it to the dealer they say no codes come up. I am so frustrated you dont think to have these problems when you buy a new car. I will never get another nissan in my life and will never recommend them to anyone.
  • I have a 2010 Nissan Rogue 360, a few months after purchasing my vehicle it started having issues with it not cranking. The dealership never found anything wrong since there was no error code. Now that my vehicle has 62,000 miles on it, it has started missing while driving on the interstate and will lose speed while driving. While this is happening the RPM guage (tackometer) is jumping around like crazy. I'm bringing it to the dealership this week, hopefully they can discover what is wrong with it.
  • clos2clos2 Posts: 1
    Rachel, did anything come of this? We got a Rogue on 10/2013 and just started having the same problem. Our looses speed and makes a hissing sound too. It has turned off once so far. This seems to happen only on trips of 30 minutes or longer though. Running around town is no problem. It seems that the A/C aggravates the problem. This started about 8 months after we bought it. Sometime the engine stays on but the gas pedal will not accelerate at all. The couple of times this has happened I pull over, wait about 5 minutes and I'm on my way. Would like to know if anyone has had this issue resolved??
  • wlt3wlt3 Posts: 5
    I've had this problem as well. Its very intermitent, and the car does eventually start when it wants to. This is certainly the quirkest car I have ever owned.
  • its the ipdm, there is a fuel pump relay in the ipdm that can not b accessed...if it sticks u will prolly have 3v at the fuel pump fuse as the problem is happening or no voltage at all. Replace the IPDM(independent power distribution module) and ur having no more problems.

  • Nissan Rogue 2013, battery kept dying; so after place a new won't say a word.. Dashboard lights came on and then ii had to have several jump offs...It keep cutoff when I stop or slow down; we could only jumpoff on the bolt so he thought a bad positive charge cable end; then we notice the fuse from the battery to the cable was blew
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