2003 BMW 530i Good Deal???

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Hi guys,

Just purchased a used 2003 BMW 530i in excellent condition with 79500 miles on it. The price I got it for was $10400. But he also added Michelin X-Ice winter tires that had only been used for 1 winter and are still in excellent condition. (No Xenon lights, but does have cold weather package)

So the breakdown:
-2003 BMW 530i Excellent Condition
-79,500 Miles
-Included 4 Winter Tires Excellent Condition
Price I paid: $10,400

Do you think it was a steal for me? Or just about right? I'm leaning towards a good deal but thats because I just bought it haha


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    It's a decent deal; a major plus is that the E39 is easy to work on if you are so inclined. If it's a slushbox have the ATF changed ASAP. You also need to be thinking of replacing the radiator, water pump, t-stat/housing and the expansion tank in the next year or so. It's a fairly easy afternoon DIY project. Join the E39 Yahoo group- it's a great resource, as is membership in the BMW Car Club. Service the car by the book, change the oil twice as often as indicated, and the car will run another 150,000-200,000 miles with no problem.

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    Why is the STOP...oil pressure warning coming on in high heat on our 90,000 mile 530i? changed the pressure switch...didn't help
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