2000 Yukon SLE Lemon

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My 2000 Yukon has been in the shop for 35 days out of the 9 months I've had it. I've got less than 10,000 miles because I don't trust the damn thing. Problems have been air bag warning light,
inoperable rear windows, front suspension noises, locking front passenger seat belt, hum in rear end, rattles in dash, accelerator peddle that stuck to floor then fell apart, leather upholstery seams coming apart, and transmission that sometimes can't find first gear. The dealership
management won't return calls or answer letters, face to face with service manager he says to get a lawyer and prepare to be screwed by GM AND the lawyer. General Motors customer service says to contact dealer. Lawyer says to talk with Regional or
Division Manager but no one at GM or dealership will provide a name or number. This dealership treated me royally when I had my Cadillac, but I'm just a bum now that I traded it on a Yukon.


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    Not to sound like a smart^$*($

    but why dont you go to another dealership and try their sevice dept? You dont have to take it to the place you bought it at. Just a suggestion

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    Check your states lemon laws. If no one will give you a # call the BBB.
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    constructed by an owner of a '00 Sierra. It was created to help people like yourself.

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