Jeep Liberty CRD timing belt life

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I'm new to this list. I have a 05 Liberty CRD with 110K miles. I am curious about life expectancy of the timing belt and the frequency of failures that destroy the engine. Is this an interference engine with valves hitting pistons with belt failure? Any advice or info is greatly appreciated.


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    VM Motori advices timing belt replacement at every 100,000 miles.

    I only heard of two timing belt failures one at 117,000 miles and the other at 135,000 miles with engine repair costs of approx. $3500.00 to $5500.00.
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    I just had my timing belt replaced at 125,000 miles for $1,400. I kept the old belt and it looks like new. Not a single crack or any indication of wear. I wish I had not wasted the money especially since 10,000 miles later my engine blew up. Sold the jeep without engine running and waiting to hear from the buyers what went wrong.
    All water in radiator went into the engine...this should be interesting.
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    Hi Ed,
    I just read your thread on your CRD timing belt. I have a 06 CRD and it has just turned 100K. I too am a bit uncertain about changing the timing belt at 100K and I will probably gamble and wait a while longer. I wanted to ask if you found out any additional info on why the engine coolant found it's way out of the water jacket and into the combustion chamber. Please let me know if you have the answer.
    Thanks for your time and have a great Holiday,
    Chadds Ford, Pa USA
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    My 06 CRD started leaking fuel about a year ago and had gotten steadily worse. After several trips to the dealer with no answer in site I suggested he try runing dye through the fuel system and walla he found that the upper part of the fuel filter was leaking out of one of the wiring plugs. Thank God diesel is somewhat immune from exploding from sparking. Daimler is aware of the flaw and has made changes in the internal makeup of the upper filter head. Unfortunely they won't pay any of the replacement cost, $400+. I hope I have saved some of you a nerve wracking leak search.
    Now that Daimler has used us pioneer to test the Liberty CRD maybe they will bring it back with all the improvements.
    Still getting 31 mpg after more than 100K.
    Good Luck,
    Chadds Ford, PA USA
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    We just put a rebuilt cyl head on a 2005 CRD. It runs fine but all 4 glow plugs show up on scanner as faulty. Checking we found no communication between glow plug relay and GP's. The ground is good, but we don't know what to check next. One hot wire going into relay is hot but there are more wires on the ignition side. Does anyone have guidance on this?
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