2011 Rondo Canadian model

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yes, the Rondo still continues in Canada, here are the changes if you are familar with the previous models:
- exterior colour Vanilla Shake (A1) available for all trims
- radiator trill - Tiger Nose Grill
- centre fascia and TGS knob cover will have new metallic colour (EX)
- door window swtiches and key set illumination will be applied
- muffle chrome tip applied to all trims
- roof rails colour change from black to silver
- chrome interior accents added to all trims
- folding key for EX trims
- electric remote fuel door release added to all trims
- ECM with rear view camera applied to EX-V6 Luxury trims


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    LX 5-seater - $19,995
    LX 5-seater with a/c $20,995

    EX 5-seater - $22,795
    EX 7-seater - $23,795
    EX premium 7-seater- $25,095
    EX V6 5-seater - $23,895
    EX V6 7 seater - $24,895

    EX-V6 Luxury 7 seater - $27,195
    EX-V6 Luxury + nav 7-seater - $28,195

    destination and delivery - $1650
    a/c excise tax - $100
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    I took these pictures yesterday and you can see the new corporate grill, also the new colour Vanilla Shake


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    See http://www.kia.ca/pages/showroom/Overview.aspx?model=Rondo for info on the 2011 Rondo in Canada. Not much changed outside - new grille, bright roof rack, new rims.
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    for 2010 the Rondo was Kia Canada's 5th best selling model for the year.
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    Just bought a 2011 EX V6 Luxury today, to replace our 2007 EX V6 Luxury that helped save one of my family members in a bad accident. The 2007 was such a good car that it could only really be replaced by a new one.
    Differences I have noted between the 2011 and the 2007 - the new ones have black leather as opposed to grey, a backup camera with an auto dimming mirror, Sirius satellite radio with USB port and aux hookup, different rims and a different brand of tires. Plus the steering wheel and shifter leather is now grained instead of smooth, there is no cargo light on the side but rather it is now in the ceiling, and the pop-out ashtray is missing.
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    Glad it helped save a family member, that's important, the car is just a piece of metal. The pop-out ashtray disappeared with the 2008 model, as well as the rubber grips in the front cupholders and elastic at the back of the glove compartment and the rear side cargo light.

    The inside gas cap release on the door is back with the 2011 model as it was just opened from outside with the 2009 and 2010 models. Black became standard on the inside starting with the 2009 model. I would like the USB hookup, the AUX was placed in the lower part of the armrest starting with the 2008 model.

    Have they fixed that rear ceiling light to go on when you open on the back door as it didn't happen with the 2008 - 2010 models.
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    Nope, the rear ceiling light doesn't come on with the back door.
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    Rondo still doing very well in Canada, in April it was Kia Canada's 4th best selling model.
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    I'm sad about the Rondo being gone in the United States. I see tons of them here in Oklahoma so they must be being sold on the second hand market. CarMax has a lot of them. I guess Canadians are more tolerant of seat stains than Americans! haha. I think the newer Kias are ugly, and they have that red dash lighting like some Mazdas which I hate, too.

    You still have your blue Rondo, Conwelpic? It's a few years old now - has it served you well?
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    yes, but its not blue, its Aqua Silver (Silver with a hint of green). Its a 2008 and it will be four years at the end of October. Yes, its served me very well and never had a problem with seat stains. Its getting close to 71,000 km (over 44,000 miles). Only 4 warranty claims since purchase and all taken care of without any problem, I get all my service done at my local dealer, again very good that's why I still use them.
    It's still as tight and rattle free as the day I bought it. Still on original brakes and tires.

    The 2012 Rondo will be still be the same MSRP as the 2011 model, but no changes in the vehicle. I would expect an early change next year with a complete overhaul or replacement. The Rondo is still a very strong seller for Kia Canada, outselling the Mazda 5 over the last three months (April to June). In June they sold 917 units, which is equivalent to selling 8700 in the US.
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    Our 2007 EX V6 was in an accident and written off this past March. We liked that Rondo so much that we bought a 2011 EX V6. The on-the-lot price was almost identical to that of our 2007, despite being 4 yrs newer and with a few upgrades.
    Our 2007 only had one warranty claim, though I did have to replace all the brakes (partly my fault though).
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