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Actual MPG vs. Computer MPG

Has anyone done a comparison to determine the accuracy of the computer's average mpg readout.
Is it close to the actual mpg figured the old fashioned way?


  • i have and over time its exact. each tank may vary because its almost impossible to fill up exactly the same each time but if you keep track over time it should both match.
  • bet48bet48 Posts: 3
    The computers average mpg seems right on, but you can not fill up and see the correct hwy milage right a way. Mine after a half tank or so the computer reads out at 22/23 for straight hwy. if you stop and fill up and check the "old fashion way" Yes a am getting 22.7 at best on hwy, sucks since it is suppose to be getting 30 or so. Had my husband take a 100 mile drive on the turn pike, filled up, got on hwy went 50 miles turned around came back, stopped at same station filled up check manually, it came out 22.6. what would make a car get the same city and hwy. sorry i bought it.
  • lazy_boneslazy_bones Posts: 27
    My actual mileage and the computer-reported mileage are pretty close. I have the LT2 I-4, and actual is around 26-27 mpg average. The computer reports 26+. I run in the Eco mode, and don't ever expect to see over 27 mpg, and nowhere near the 32 promised.
  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    I routinely get 27-28 on the highway with 4 - AWD and thats going 70-75 mph on 87 octane. I drove from NJ to Ohio in clear and moderate traffic and was pulling 31 going 55-60 on crowded highway I don't drive it like my old Camaro. Starting and stopping with a heavy foot is a MPG killer in these cars. Zoom zoom right in the next filling station.

    Gypsy gas is also a mileage killer. Feed it Mogen David and you'll have a MD hangover. I've found the best mileage is with Gulf or Sunoco 87 O. Go for the plus and yes you will increase MPG more than the difference in price.

    The biggest MPG killer I've found is low tire pressure. 30-32 psi which is a considered a tad low but still normal will knock off a minimum 10% mpg. I keep my tire pressure in the 38-40 range, being real careful in the summer heat because 90F+ will boost tire pressure on these wheels 4 psi after 10 minutes.

    Last, I've noticed these engines prefer moderate temps not summer heat, not winter freeze. Best MPG is when temps are 55-70F.
  • 2012 LS Equinox.................MPG
    Have taken 2-300 mile trips. City-Interste-State Hwy roads, etc
    Have avg about 26/27 mpg on both trips. Need to take a long interstate trip to figure out the full highway MPG.
  • ralphs42ralphs42 Posts: 1
    I think Toyota and Lexus computers are intentionally to indicate 5-8% better mileage than actual when you compute it over several tanks the old fashioned way. Now two hybrids, same results. Toyota Camry and Lexus HS250h....

    Anybody out there tested the Ford hybrids? I know the computer says less than epa but is actual less than that?
  • Just drove from Melbourne FL to White Plaines NY to get the 2010 Equinox I wanted. Owned two nearly new 2010s, one 4 cyl with AWD and one 6 cyl. The way they were geared both performed about equally, actually the 4 cyl seemed a little peppier due to gearing. Wanted the best mileage combo. Got a 2010 LTZ with 4 cyl FWD in beautiful blue (only made in 2010) and nice two tone grey and black interior with DVD players in the back and sweet sunroof with 43,000 miles. Got it for a mere $18750 and dumped my 2012 Hyundai Tuscon which got 24 mpg on the highway and rode like a bouncing brick for only a $2K loss from new. Set out for a 3,000 mile trip with my 17 yo son driving most of the way. Drove from NY to the Norfolk and averaged 32.2 mpg on that big sweet machine riding in pure comfort. Found the sweet spot. Maximum mileage is 70 mph which produces the 32.2

    Drove on and hit the Appalachians on to Wisconsin and then back to Florida. Overall trip average was 31.7

    Very pleased. Love my Equinox. Son plans to get one as well. Slight diesel clicking noise from the 4 cyl which is repairable. Will get it to the dealer soon. Great vehicle. Great value.
    It just passed my Lexus SC 430 on my best to own vehicle list and that is saying a lot, because over the years I have owned 37 vehicles. Chevy has finally done it right.

    Want mileage in a great SUV. Get the 4 cyl, FWD and drive 70 on the highway or drive my other car, a Prius, that consistently gets 50 mpg.
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