99 dodge ram 5.2 litre is surging

gotdustgotdust Member Posts: 3
i have a 99 dodge ram 5.2 litre auto trans with overdrive and lately i have started getting a surging after i get to overdrive, it is not a miss just like a power surge, it doesnt do it before the overdrive just after about the 45mph and above range, also it will do it with overdrive on or off, could this have something to do with never changing fluid and filter in trans, i bought new and it has 111000 miles on it,the funny thing is there is no engine check light coming on and other then that it is running like new truck,i also changed the throttle position sensor to no avail thanks


  • 99dodgeramguy99dodgeramguy Member Posts: 2
    I had a 99 Durango do the same thing, Ended up being the tranny Torque converter. You might want to read about peoples tranny problems on this forum.
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