2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

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Hmm, doesn't look like we have any 2011 model discussions yet.

I'm looking into buying a Genesis Coupe, starting to crunch the numbers, etc.

The 3.8 Track would be my first choice... but it's about $2,000 to $2,500 more expensive than the 3.8 Grand Touring model. How big a difference is there between the models in terms of performance and handling? I'm wondering if it's a difference worth paying $2,500 extra for.


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    I'm considering a 2011 GT. I'm not into the Track model because (a) you can't get it w/o the goofy rear spoiler and (b) the 18" wheels are actually far better looking than the 19's that come on the Track.

    I'm wondering what these cars generally sell for? My local dealer offered $1k off MSRP, which doesn't seem like much.

    I'm also having trouble finding one to test drive. Apparently, they're not hot sellers. Dealer told me he rarely has more than 1 or 2 on the lot.
  • djconnerdjconner Member Posts: 10
    Capital One's Auto Buying (I'm planning to finance through their "Blank Check" program) gave me a "No Hassle" quote of just under $3000 below MSRP, so you might want to give them a try.

    I agree, after looking them over more closely, that the GT is more attractive than the Track model. I'm starting to lean toward the GT now, with that, the price differential, and the summer tires on the Track. (I live in Northern Virginia, where we get just enough Winter that that could be a potential headache.)
  • avexavex Member Posts: 37
    I never heard of Capital One Auto Buying, so I'll have to look into that! In in MA so All Seasons are a must here as well. One thing I can't figure out about the 2011 GT is whether it comes with a Nav system, and whether it's possible to delete that option from the car. Do you know?
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    It looks to me like (unlike the 2010 models) Nav is standard on at least all the "high-end" Genesis Coupes.
  • avexavex Member Posts: 37
    That's what I thought. BTW, the Capital One Auto Buyer site looks like it's just a portal for Truecar.com - same thing. I am skeptical about its accuracy. It's giving me pricing for cars with option packages that don't exist. Have you used it before?
  • djconnerdjconner Member Posts: 10
    I've used their financing before, but not the buying service - not sure if the two are directly linked or not (i.e., the good deal is dependent on you using them to finance it?)

    This is the link I've got to them:
    http://www.capitalone.com/autoloans/auto-buying-program/index.php?linkid=WWW_Z_Z- _Z_ALBC_H1_05_T_ALDO
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    Hyundai Quality Control?

    test drove a 2011 3.8T. Steering pulled hard right. Told the dealer the front tires needed to be aligned. Mechanic said it was from sitting a long time without being driven. I did't buy that explanation and left. Went to another dealer drove a 2011 3.8. Test drive was great and I ended up buying it for 3K below MSRP. On my way home from the dealer I rolled the window down and it did not roll back up. Had to take car back for repair the next day. It was a bad switch. Car was in shop for 4 days because they had to order the part. Embarrassed to tell my friends and family my new car was in the shop after the first day. Where is the quality control???? On a good note the dealer loaned me Genesis sedan while my car new coupe was being fixed. They didn't have to do that... so I'm giving the dealer a thumbs up. I'm just hoping nothing else goes wrong with my brand new car with 80 miles on it!
  • tjc78tjc78 Member Posts: 15,297
    I had a power steering pump fail on a car in the first 200 miles and the car was dead reliable after that. Sometimes they just get a bad part at the factory . Enjoy your coupe!

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  • joemama9joemama9 Member Posts: 4
    Got my car back from the dealer drove it for 10 days and the same window motor went bad again. took it back to the dealer. Second time they only kept it 3 days. Hyundai quality sucks. Car was in the shop 7 of the first 20 day of ownership. I'll drive it another 5K miles then i'm going to trade in this lemon for a real car. Thought Hyundai was the up and coming car maker in the USA, I was wrong! My wife wants me to buy Acura or Infinity but i'm leaning to the 2011 Subaru WRX. I'll reiterate my thoughts again.... Hyundai quality controls sucks!
  • LASHAWNLASHAWN Member Posts: 303
    So what will would you do if the same kind of thing happens to your Subaru WRX? Will you be outraged, wanting to trade it in as well and go on to the next car. It's very understandable that your're angry/upset that your brand new car had a flaw, but we live in a world where s$$t happens.
  • lschramlschram Member Posts: 2
    I am looking for info on lease for the genesis coupe 2.0t premium and r-spec

    do you know residual and money factors?
  • rs_lars_la Member Posts: 2
    offered the 2011 genesis coupe 2.0t automatic for 23400.
  • danielalvaradodanielalvarado Member Posts: 12
    Posted this in the other forum -- would love to get some feedback from others as to what they're getting:

    Genesis Coupe Automatic Transmission (Base)
    $24350 MSRP
    $21900 Base Cap Cost (TrueCar NoHaggle Price)
    $595 Bank Fee
    $1000 Manufacturer Incentive
    $21495 Adjusted Cap Cost
    59% Residual ($14367)
    .00167 Money Factor
    36 Months
    12000 miles/yr
    8.1% Sales Tax

    $7128 Depreciation
    $2156 Finance Charge
    $833 Total Sales Tax
    $10036 Total Payments

    $257.89 Monthly Payment Before Tax
    $20.89 Monthly Sales Tax
    $278.78 Total Monthly Payment
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    I am really torn, I know that I want my next car to be a Genesis, but what I can't figure out is which version...coupe or sedan. Each has very strong points to consider. Has anyone else faced this dilemma and if so...what helped sway your decision?

    Yesterday I enjoyed test driving a 3.8 Track coupe and then a 4.6 sedan back to back...exhilarating to say the least.
  • LASHAWNLASHAWN Member Posts: 303
    For me, it would be the sedan because I need the room for the family. I'm actually torn between a 2.0t Sonata and Genesis 3.8. Decisions, decisions, decisions.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    I guess in my case a family vehicle is covered. We currently have the Azera and an Audi A6. There are plans to add an X5 to the garage at which point I would get rid of the Azera and go for the Genesis. I'm leaning more towards the coupe as I don't feel we need the X5 & a big car at the same time.

    If you need room for family, then the Sonata would be your clear cut choice. There's absolutely no room for anyone but a toddler to sit in the back of the coupe! LOL
  • LASHAWNLASHAWN Member Posts: 303
    Seems to me that you should just go for the coupe.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    My thinking is more heavily swayed towards the coupe...I'll admit that much.
  • poodog13poodog13 Member Posts: 320
    Can anyone comment on the quality and look of the Genesis Coupe interior? I'm going to be in the market in the fall and am primarily considering mid-level sporty sedans (Nissan Maxima, Lexus IS350, Infinity G37), but the Genesis Coupe 3.8 has me intrigued. My only concern is that while the Genesis Sedan is clearly meant to compete with the big boys on interior refinement, I'm not as convinced on the Genesis Coupe.

    Any thoughts would be great.
  • allmet33allmet33 Member Posts: 3,557
    To be honest, everyone will have their own opinion about it. Best thing you can do is go and sit in one, take it for a spin and see if it's up to the standard you need it to be. Personally, I test drove both the 2.0T and the 3.8 and I love the interior of the Coupes. Nothing felt cheesy or overdone, finishes are nicely done and everything fits seemingly well.
  • westervillewesterville Member Posts: 1
    Ebay has a genesis coupe red 3.8 r spec for $ 24,977 buy it now with 7000 miles on it. It seems like I could get a new one for not that much more. What do you think?
    Also What are the 2012 prices going to be that come out in November?
  • poodog13poodog13 Member Posts: 320
    I don't think you're getting a new 3.8r spec near that price. Maybe the smaller engine, but not the larger one.
  • intrepidspiritintrepidspirit Member Posts: 662
    I purchased a 2011 Grand Touring demo for my wife (MSRP - 30,930) for 22,908 from Win Hyundai in El Monte, CA on August 13/11.

    So far she is very happy with the car and it gets several compliments...it is very sporty looking with the black exterior and the brown interior.

    I purchased a 2012 Genesis 3.8 sedan on July 13/11, so I guess you could say we are now totally commited to Hyundai!
  • jordfidjordfid Member Posts: 5
    a demo Grand Touring? wow, great deal, would pounce on that!
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Member Posts: 804
    Here is a link to some "supposed" spy shots of the upcoming coupe face lift.

  • intrepidspiritintrepidspirit Member Posts: 662
    edited September 2011
    Yeah, we were looking at a base (2.0T) 2011 at around $21,800 and decided on the demo GT for another $1,000 when it became available during our research period. It had 9,100 miles but still retains the original warranty (60,000 and 100,000 miles total and the full 5 and 10 years from purchase date).

    We also wanted to get a 2011 rather than 2012 because the cars hadn't changed year to year and were about $1,200 cheaper due to bigger dealer discounts.

    I purchased a 2012 Genesis sedan rather than a 2011 because of the increased horsepower (290 to 333) and increased highway mileage (27 to 29) as well as some styling updates -- grille, lights and integrated exhaust. This was worth the $900 difference as offered and I found the 2012 is valued higher in 24-30 months because it is one year newer...
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