What is the best full-size pickup truck available?

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What is the best full size truck available for snow plowing, etc?. I'm talking re price and durability.


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    Dodge Ram w/cummins (should pull icebergs in lake to one side)
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    Fords F250 or F350 Superduty..
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    The Dodge Cummins Inline-6 Is a proven and inestructible powerplant, and they come with a high-output group with 505lb-ft and a 6-speed manual that outtwists the Ford Powerstroke. The new Chevy Duramaxes are also superb rigs, comfortable trucks. Fords use I-beam suspension, will rattle your bones in normal driving.
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    I'm not sure it's a Ford Also you may want to visit the web site and see how ford is treating it techs
    Rob Lee and his family purchased a 2000 F-350 truck from Bo Beuckman Ford in Ellisville Mo. in March of 00. At 160 miles Mr. Lee started noticing problems with the truck. 4 of the 6 tires were worn on the outer edges like the alignment was off. He called Bo Beuckman Ford to set up an appointment and explained the problem to the service writer who said " Don't bring it here, we don't want to see it, take it to a tire store". Furious, Lee called back and talked to someone named Randy who reluctantly scheduled an appt. An alignment check was done, then he is again told it's a tire problem. Take it to a tire store where the 6 tires are replaced at 900 miles. Shortly after this, at 1360 miles, Lee noticed it bellowing smoke on cold start up, a grinding-rumbling sound in the drive train, the steering pulled left, and a rattle in the right rear door. Another appt. was made for 4-6-00. After 22 days, he is called and told "Your truck is ready for pickup". When asked if everything went ok, they said, "We put a clutch in it and that didn't correct the grinding sound. Now that sound is normal and there is nothing else we can do about it. We couldn't duplicate the smoke problem. The rattle was a loose cab mount and we rotated the tires and now the steering pulls to the right. Lee said his truck still pulls, smokes, and has a grinding rumbling sound, also nothing was done to correct the tire wear. You say the truck is ready for pick-up? At this time the General Manager of Bo Beuckman, Larry Perez said "This has too many problems for a new unit. I'll have Tom Hoff (Truck Mgr.) look in the pool of vehicles we have to pull from and locate you a new truck and get back with you". Then Lee's told there are no other vehicles comparable to yours. Several days later, Larry Perez calls Lee and said "There is nothing wrong with your truck. Get it off my lot!" Lee was dumbfounded by this sudden drastic change in Perez's perception of the truck. He called Jim Helms (Service Mgr.) and is told the truck has unresolved concerns and is given an application for the Dispute Resolution Board. At this time, he refused possession of the truck until all problems were resolved. Lee requested a hearing in May 2000. Then 8-18-00 he received the DSB ruling " The Board has decided to have Ford Motor Company replace your truck. The alignment/ tire pull, drive train noise, exhaust smoke concerns you report remain unresolved. Ford will provide you at no charge, any non transferable manufactured installed options". Lee accepts the offer. Tom Hoff and Lee order a 2001 truck. Lee adds several options that he expects to pay for. Next he is told by Ford that he must pay an additional $920 to get an identical truck. This means Lee will be charged twice for some items and pay for items already on the 00 truck. This also allows nothing for the 9 months of interest and insurance payments Mr. Lee made or property tax due 1-1-01. The new 2001 truck came in 11- 22-00. Tom Hoff tells Lee he must pay approx. $1500 instead of $920.and there is nothing anyone can do about the other losses. He also verified this with Larry Perez and is told, "No, there's nothing I can do for you! ". Tue.11-28-00, KMOV-TV decides to run a story about the truck. Perez calls Lee and offers to pay all losses and wave the $1500 if KMOV-TV will kill the story. The story airs at 10

    PM Tuesday. Replaying video of the truck bellowing smoke 5 times. Wednesday, Lee calls Perez to reconcile this problem and is told "I'm not doing anything for you since the story aired". Thursday, Lee got a threat on his answering machine from Ford Motor Co. "I'll just have Tom Hoff sell your new truck to someone else if you don't accept our offer". Larry Perez continues to side step this problem blaming Lee and making excuses saying ,"Lee refuses to pay up grade charges" " there is nothing wrong with the truck" " all diesels smoke" Lee said "I paid Bo Beuckman Ford $30,000 and they and Ford Motor Company act like they don't care if I have a truck or not". "I have repeatedly been on hold as long as 45 minutes waiting for Larry or Tom to come to the phone". Lee waited days and not had phone calls returned, " Bo Beuckman won't stand behind the product they sold me".
    This truck has been at Bo Beuckman since April 6, 00 waiting for repair or replacement.
    In spite of freezing temperatures Lee has been in front of Bo Beuckman Ford with an informational picket and says, " If I can keep just one person from the many months of agony and misery Bo Beuckman Ford has caused us, standing in the cold will be worth it"

    TV CH 4 newsroom 314-444-6333 to report a similar problem. Rob Lee 314-412-7016 L.M. www.flatratetech.com
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    I would buy a Ford, they are more reliable than Chevy or Dodge.

    If you think the above post is bad-it's nothing, Chevy and Dodge are both worse.
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    Without a doubt this is the best truck on the market. Best diesel, best gasoline motors, best brakes, best chassis, most refined out of the domestics. Don't trust me? Trust Motortrend. It's the Truck of the Year...
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    What makes you think that the Chevy is best? Chevy has a reputation for lousy quality. The Mototrtrend article mentions nothing about quality. The Chevy is a first-year vehicle, and we all know about first-year GM trucks.
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    When Motor Trend named the Tundra its truck of the year it was a first year truck - you thought that was just fine. You are a hypocrit.

    BTW Automobile Mag also named the Silverado C/K 1500 as their "best Full size truck"

    You are always griping about the big 3 owners posting on the Tundra site - now you -a Tundra owner- are posting on a site about full size trucks.
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    Get ya a "full size" big3 one. Them is the ones with haul in em. Stay away from them forien ones, them ones is goin break if ya work em any. Good luck on this one now!
  • amoraamora Member Posts: 204
    TRUCKIN' mag, the world's leading truck publication named the GMC C3 C-Series the
    winner. See pg 82, other contenders were: Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Duramax,
    Ford SuperCrew, Nissan Frontier SC, Toyota Tacoma Double CAB 4x4, GMC 2500 HD,
    Ford Explorer SportTrac. I thought TRUCKIN' mag was for customized lowered truck
  • bamatundrabamatundra Member Posts: 1,583
    The Tundra is not just a full-size truck - it is the best 1/2 ton full-size truck available.

    I never claimed Motor Trend awards had anything to do with quality.

    As I recall - when the Tundra was named Motor Trend truck of the year for 2000 all the Big3 owners were claiming it was a meaningless award. They called magazines "comic books". They claimed any new truck would be named truck of the year.

    Now that Chevy has won TOY(truck of the year) their tune has changed. Who is the hippocrite?
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    It be hard for them tundra ones too be the best "full size" one, when they aint even "full size"! Use your eyes for this one. If ya dont be trustin them eyes, use them stick measurements on it. Facts is facts, them forien ones sure aint "full size" now. Good luck on this one now!
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Who has changed their tune?

    I will bet you that the new nissan full size truck will be truck of the yr next yr. Why because its always a first yr production truck that wins.

    99 silverado new
    00 tundra new
    01 silverado HD new

    HMMM only makes sense

  • justtheonejusttheone Member Posts: 403
    Good grief...

    Good luck on this one now!
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    No matter what size the truck, it can only be "full-size" if it's from the big-2? (dodge is now a German company)Please explain this irrational viewpoint!
  • rwellbaum2rwellbaum2 Member Posts: 1,006
    Are the 99-00 silverados bigger than the previous years? I ask because when I compared the width of the Tundra bed with a 97 GMC Sierra, it was the same. The figures on Edmunds state the Tundra is 2.5" more narrow than the current Silverado.
  • justtheonejusttheone Member Posts: 403
    Takin a little one and keepin that same drivetrain ceptin a V8, and strechin that sheet metal just enough too be stickin that V8 into em sure aint makin em "full size" now. Them big3 ones is "full size" cuz they was made "full size" from that start now. Bet ya them nissan ones do that same thing that them tundra ones did: little truck parts, strechin sheet metal, and V8 infinity motors now. Then they is goin call it "full size" when it just aint. Good luck on this one now!
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    Rwell are you going inside the bed? Or tail light to tail light?

    Between the wheel wells for all the truck should be the same right around 4 ft (a lil more).

    Or do you mean depth? From bedrail to the bed?

  • bowhuntwi2bowhuntwi2 Member Posts: 80
    Have you pulled your 1500 up to a Super Duty Lately? You would look like a VW sitting next to it. Check it out at www.picturetrail.com (bowhuntwi). What ever truck your husband buys, make sure it fits him and that he drives them all. When you buy shoes you don't go out and buy a pair without trying them first do you? Trucks are the same you have to drive them to know the differance, if you want a bare bones or a luxury one,make sure each type is comparable in your testing.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240
    It looks like a go cart man

    Thanksgiving we stayed at my aunts and it was parked next to a F250SD CC long bed. I wish i had my camera to take a pic.

  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    first the tundra big 3 topic...now this one....

    the comic book suggestion still means nothing to me...

    ....what other topics have real discussion?.....see ya!

    - Tim
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    I think the best truck choice depends on your planned usage. Yes, if you plan on pulling icebergs, the super duties or mongo diesel trucks probably are the best. If you're a yuppy trucker like me, the F-150 Super cab Lariat is a great road truck.

    You can't compare one to the other. They're just too different. Same with throwing 4X4 into the discussion. My opinion on the rice grinders is that they aren't full-size, but probably suit somebody's need.
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    i'm not sure why you have come here but i thought the idea was to see what people that already have trucks thought of them. i don't feel that anybody forced an opinion on me before i bought my truck. i came to learn the good and bad about the trucks. sorry you got a bad taste.
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    I'm 34...many others here are older or same age approx....

    any more lame theorys?

    - Tim
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    the ford f series is the best se3lling truck in the country for like the last 20 years, I own a toyota so this isn't an issue for me but i say go with the facts. And ford 250's on up use solid front axles, not independent, any heavy work truck needs solid front axles. Dodges look good, problem is the trannies fall out every 10 to 20 working days. the chevy's sit 2 inches off the ground, not inspiring is it.
  • eric2001eric2001 Member Posts: 482
    Not to be rude, but maybe you had better check your facts. Checy/GMC have more ground clearance than the Ford, and yes Ford has outsold Chevy for years, but then did Ford outsell GM, sorry, but no. As for the solid axles, GM's independent front end on the HD handles greater payload than the solid Ford. I won't argue about the Dodge's, drove 2001 Ram last week. 10K on odometer, 2nd transmission acting up already. I realize I am biased towards GM, but at least I am not lying about the facts.
  • hoodtacomahoodtacoma Member Posts: 15
    Ford trucks, outsell all gm truck products. I can tell tou that gm's do not set higher even with the z71 off road sticker applied. Go to a dealer and crawl under both. Go to a job site, they all use ford trucks. Ford has outsold gm for years.
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