MDX VS Escalade Comfort

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We have an 07 Escalade ESV and make 6 or 7 long trips a year between houses. All Interstate. We are in the car about 13 hours and my wife and I both find the seats are uncomfortable and the ride somewhat harsh as we have the optional 22 in wheels. Does anyone have (or had) an Escalade and an MDX? If so how does the long trip comfort compare? I love the A/C seats in FL, so probably would want an advance. I also assume the ride in an advance is better with the handling set for comfort mode.


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    First and foremost...

    Switch to 18" wheels and the appropriately sized Bridgestone Turanza "SUMMER ONLY" tires. And personally I would break that 13 hours up into a two day trip with an overnight stay in between.
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    I wondered about the low profile tires on the Escalade, I called dealer and complained today and he will sell me an extra set of brand new Escalade alloy takeoff wheels and tires for $600. I will buy and try them out, are the Bridgestones mentioned the current tire on the Escalades with 18" wheels? We drive instead of fly because the wife has her 4 small dogs...too big a hassle to spend night enroute. Not bad drive taking turns if the car was real comfortable. I have only driven an 08 MDX/tech but it seemed more comfortable than the ESV. I do like the A/C seats on the ESV and it looks like I would have to go to 2010 advance to get those.
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