Is there much difference in Highway Comfort on various Acura MDX models?

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I am interested primarily in Interstate comfort for long trips. It appears you can buy good used certified 08 tech for about 40-45% less than new Advance.

I test drove an 08 tech today and it seemed very quiet and comfortable on Interstate. I am sure some of you have gone from 2007/09 to 2010/11, do you feel you got $20k worth of features and comfort over your 07/09 MDX?

Any comments or suggestions for buying the most comfortable highway cruiser?


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    Comfort, QUIET, etc, etc..

    Lexus RX350 or RX450h without or WITH air suspension and Bridgestone Turanza SUMMER ONLY tires mounted on 18" wheels.

    Unless you want the heft, weight, bulkiness, 3rd row seat, decent F/awd system, and....comparatively POOR FE.
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    Test drove the 350 and 450h Lexus. Too much of a tall Camry experience, even though I liked a lot about the vehicle and dealership. It's more an an older ladies SUV.
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    Doesn't sound like you got much of an answer. I'd really like to know the same thing. I can get a super loaded 07 Sport for low 30s and a tech with res 09 for mid 30s. I'm really stuck wondering if it's better to get a 10 and then, if so, whether I'd really notice the difference between the ride on the tech.
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