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Pontiac Torrent Acceleration Problem

arturbarturb Posts: 1
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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for all and any advise in advance. I have a 2007 Pontiac Torrent with about 60k miles on it. Recently, which seems right after the last fill up of gas, it started to choke on acceleration.

It does it between 40 miles and 60 miles on the freeway. I thought to myself that I might of got bad gas or water, so for the past three fill ups I've loaded it with Complete Fuel System liquids, tanked the 93 Ultra gas to clear crap out.

Anyways, it is still doing it. Very interesting that only if I accelerate slowly and pass the 40 miles per hour mark and it all end before hitting the 60 miles per hour mark. If I accelerate really hard and fast, it won't happen.

Anyone have any clue as to what this could be? Fuel Filter needing change maybe ?

Thank you, hope to hear from someone who maybe had this problem and had it fixed.



  • We have the same problem with our Torrent (plus a few other things). I'm taking it in to the dealer this week sometime. When we put the gear shift in I this problem stops???!!!Anyway we're fed up with this vehicle and it only has 47,000 kilometres on it!!!!
  • kellyh07kellyh07 Posts: 6
    There was a voluntary customer notification sent out in January 2011 (about) that the spark plugs and wires were having issues and they extended the warranty on those parts for 10 years/120000 miles. Unfortunately they cant tell you what is causing the issue and have indicated it could be a continuous problem.

    We had the spark plugs and wires replaced in Dec 2010 and again two weeks ago (June 2011). They are claiming the only difference was putting some compound in the wire boots. But again who knows if the problem will continue again.

    If you paid to have this repair yourself then contact GM and have them reimburse you the information.

    And yes I have contacted GM, so if you are one of the GM lackeys watching these forums, dont bother contacting me. I am out here to spread the word to others who are having problems!
  • Read through the posts on lurching on easy acceleration, the likely culprit is the spark plugs and wires. Don't assume GM will honor the service recall either; contact them first see if your VIN "fits their list" and then decide where you want it serviced. When you go to the other posts you'll see the run around I got.
  • dray21dray21 Posts: 4
    so does the spark plug and wire fix the problem because my torrent is doing the same thing
  • kellyh07kellyh07 Posts: 6
    It may or may not fix your problem. Temporarily it may fix it, but then you may experience issues again in a few months/year. Hence the 10 year/100000 mile warranty extension for the plugs and wires (if your car falls under the recall). I would take it to a GM dealership and find out.
  • dray21dray21 Posts: 4
    ohh ok. thats why i only buy import cars lasts way longer and never have these types of problems but the wife had to have it oh well thanks for the reply.
  • steelers6paksteelers6pak Posts: 19
    edited July 2011
    Hey, that GM your wife had to have is an import too! Made in Canada with a Japanese transmission and a Chinese engine. GM does not have much of an American operation compared to what the average Joe presumes.

    And the kellyh07 is correct in that the repair is a temporary fix. The warranty is at the whim of GM; they won't cover my vehicle even though it's the exact same one. The "customer service" reps that troll these sites are just trying to give an impression that GM cares; never had one even answer what is truly causing these problems; just cute e-mails of "concern" with the "take it to your GM dealer" seems to me they are just trying to steer business to GM dealers for repair work.

    My Torrent: 66K miles, 4 years old, over $1,100 in repairs to date on two mechanical failures!
  • dray21dray21 Posts: 4
    yea i know but japan and chinese are totally different auto makers thats why the transmission works great. and the engine has so many problems. i just prefer import cars over american cars any day.but thanks for the reply.
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