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Chevy Equinox Outside Temperature Indicator

jsganzjsganz Posts: 8
edited February 2015 in Chevrolet
On my 2011 I've noticed that the outside temperature reading when I first start up in the morning is accurate.....let's say 55 degrees. Then it will STAY on 55 even after the actual outdoor temperature rises to 70 or higher.
Sometime later in the day, when riding will suddenly jump up to the correct reading. Anyone else notice this?


  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    No, mine starts moving as soon as I am out of the garage. Sounds like a something is insulating the sensor. I would think bad contacts would not provide any reading.

    I don't know where the sensor is placed, but leaves, plastic or something of sort may be on top of it, or just a bad sensor. Sounds like a warranty visit is due.
  • The exact problem happened with one of my cars in the past.
    They had to change the sensor, this happens lots of times.
    Usually the sensor is located in the front of the radiator, the sensor is fasten by 1 or 2 screws on the metal frame (between the radiator and the grill).
  • jsganzjsganz Posts: 8's not the sensor. I had it replaced and things are pretty much the same. By the's located in the opening just to the left of the license plate. It's held by a plastic bracket at the bottom of the radiator. Anyhow, the temperature display is updated regularly when you're driving around. The computer also updates the reading
    in the morning as the outside temperature rises as long as I don't start up the engine. I rode around this morning and the fluctuation in temperature was reflected by the computer without a hitch. Now it's been sitting in the driveway for a few hours and it still shows the same reading displayed a couple hours ago....even though the outside temperature is 15 degrees higher. I'd have to take it for a ride again to update the displayed reading.
    So......NO ONE else has noticed this at all?
  • Sorry, I have not noticed this. In fact, I'm amazed at how consistently accurate this particular sensor is.
  • laserbluelaserblue Posts: 313
    I don't want to scare you, but let me tell you what happened to one of my friend a couple of years ago....

    His outside temperature reading went crazy and he went to his GM dealer, it was his a faulty sensor. They changed the sensor and like you it didn't do anything, he went back, they changed it again and everything was fine on the second time.
    This is what had happen, the first time he went to the dealer, they had put in another faulty sensor...Why you ask?
    Because this sensor is a common problem and when the mechanics changes a sensor (or any other part) they put the bad one in the original box to send it back to the manufacture (they don't put in the garbage). So to make a long story short, a bad sensor from another customer had been returned to the stock room accidently and re installed in my friends Equinox.
    I recommend you go back and make them change it again because this happens often, replacing a faulty part by another one.
  • jsganzjsganz Posts: 8
    I don't actually think this was the case here. I saw the new sensor when the guy brought it out from the parts department. It was still sealed in a plastic packet from GM. You see, I can't really say the temperature reading ever "went crazy". It seems like the onboard computer occasionally doesn't display the message that the sensor is sending it.
    Every morning the temperature is right on the money and as it warms up, the display accurately reflects that. But,
    if you start it up for a bit, the computer sort of "locks in"
    on that last temp reading. Almost like the computer now has other things to worry about. Then, if you drive down the road a mile or so, the temp reading will go up and be accurate. Now, this is ONLY on temp rises. Later in the evening as the outdoor temp decreases, the display will drift down right along with problem. It's almost the type of thing others with the same situation may not even notice.
  • jsganzjsganz Posts: 8
    OK...thanks to a posting on another forum, I now know why the temperature display acts this way:

    According to the GM Service Manual:

    "The driver information center shows the outside air temperature as a damped value. The time and rate of the temperature update is based on an algorithm in the instrument cluster. Factors such as last temperature reading, current temperature reading, length of time the vehicle was off, current vehicle speed, and the distance driven effect when the displayed temperature is updated. To get the vehicle to display the most accurate temperature faster, drive the vehicle. Constant moving traffic will update the display to the correct temperature more quickly than stop and go traffic. "

    So...there you have it. Strange but true!
  • Thank you so much for the information, the sensor is in exactly the place you described.

    We took our 2011 model in for an oil change and had them inspect for a leak. Turned out the air conditioner developed a leak, parts were replaced and the next day we noticed no outside temperature readings. I called the dealer to find out where the sensor and perhaps a connector wasn't seated properly. The dealer wanted me to bring the car back in - a 45 minute drive one way, as this was no trivial task. I found this forum from a google search, found the sensor, the connector was just barely seated, ie, most of the sealing ribs on the connector were exposed. I properly reseated the connector and all works fine. It took all of 15 minutes to find this post, put on a pair of coveralls, find the sensor then check my work (started the car to make sure it was working). Thanks again for the information!
  • safirsafir Posts: 1
    The outside Temp. sensor on my Equinox LT 2008 has gone hay wire. It worked well for 4 1/2 years nut now it sows the right temp when you first start the car. But while driving, the temperature starts to rise and goes up to 45C then starts to drop and goes down to about 15 degrees even though the outside temperature is only 27C. While driving the above cycle continues all the time. Ha anyone experienced such a problem on their vehicle? Also how difficult it is to replace the sensor.
  • My 2010 Equinox's outside temp sensor has gone haywire as well. It's been reading 60 celsius for weeks now. A dealership want's $300 labour to replace an $8 sensor!!! Is there a way I can do this myself? To make things worse, it's at the dealership now and the sensor started working again so they can't even start to figure out if it's even that causing the problems. It makes my auto interior temperature system all screwed, not fun with blizzards in the forecast!
  • 2010 Chevy Equinox. My temperature indicator on the radio display is no longer there? anyone know how to get it back.
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