brake system flush

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For a camry v6le, typically when is this needed?
when did you folks do it?
Dealer informed me that my car needed this.
i have about 62k miles, 1995 camryv6le.
I dont get any sounds or any other indications.
I guess there is no way for me to verify
if the brake system needs a flush, or is there?

thank you


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    ...called "Brake Fluid Flushing-A Needed Service?" which will answer your questions. I personally haven't it done it yet on my '97 Camry with 65K miles, but I plan to soon. There is no way to tell; the problem is that the fluid gets contaminated with dirt and moisture over time and should be periodically replaced.
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    It's post #8. Actually, there are several ways to tell when the system's due for a flush. First and most obvious is discolouration of the fluid in the master cylinder reservoir. Also, equipment is available which will accurately measure the water concentration in glycol brake fluid. Yours are both overdue, and those expensive ABS hydraulic modulators will thank you for it.
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    Thanks, I've bookmarked your post #8 in the other topic -- very informative. I know I should change my brake fluid, but "if it ain't broke..."

    Couple of questions -- I've done it before on my old Volvo without ABS; it was easy, but is it more complicated with antilock brakes?

    And when bleeding the system on the Camry, should I proceed as follows: left rear, right front, right rear, then left front (it has a split diagonal system)?
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    The problem with contaminated fluid is that it's not apparent until the damage is done. On earlier cars it usually meant leaking wheel cylinders or seized calipers. With ABS it can mean >$1,000 repair bills.

    I have more experience on domestic ABS systems, and on a few of them a scan tool is required during bleeding to cycle the ABS solenoids. You might want to check with a Toyota dealer about that. If not, it's the same as bleeding any system. Use the same sequence as the Volvo for flushing your diagonal split system. I'd recommend using a turkey baster or big syringe to remove as much of the old fluid from the reservoir as possible before adding new, then bleed each corner until clean fluid comes out. Did my neighbor's '97 Caravan yesterday. It was like pumping black coffee out.

    BTW, we'd better take this to the other "Brake Fluid Flushing" topic area before our host Pat comes and shoos us out. :-)
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