2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Please Help!

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My 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee is having problems. Randomly, after entering a highway, the jeep will not exceed 40-42mph. When I try to accelerate further nothing happens. The RPM's do not go up and the car just goes at 40mph and cannot go faster. Once I exit and come to a stop, the problems continue. From a stop, when trying to accelerate, the car stutters and struggles to get up to 40mph. The RPM go high when trying to accelerate from a complete stop. The Jeep hesitates and skips when accelerating. Then stops accelerating at 40mph. Then I stopped, turned the car off and restarted and the problem temporarily goes away.

I brought my car to a Jeep dealership, they found "stored code p2767 input speed sensor 2 circuit no signal" then performed diag. and everything checked good. Since the jeep could not duplicate the problem they sent me home and told me to bring back when duplicated. It happens a lot now and alway happens when they are not open or have techs to look at it.... Please help with some suggestions!


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    Welcome to the world of faulty Jeep electronics. It sounds like the speed sensor might be going bad. Since the Jeep mechanics can't duplicate the problem, therefore can't fix it, the best advice I can give you is to unplug the negative battery cable for 20 minutes, this allows the PCM card to reset. The Jeep will run beautifully for two to four drive cycles, but if the speed sensor is indeed faulty, it will act up again and re-store the code for faulty speed sensor. Then you can take it back in to the shop and this time they will replace the sensor since it registered the same code again. I know my dealership likes to see the code pop up twice before they will do anything about it.
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