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Just shift from a Kia sedan to a JGC.

I bought a 2002 JGC sport, and I see both positive and negative reviews about this vehicle......

Anything I need to be aware of?


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    Beware of electrical issues, I'm not too sure about the 2002 model, but definitely the 2005 and beyond seem to be haunted by electrical problems. Although they seem to emerge at the 4 or 5 year old mark, so you may be okay if you haven't experienced any so far.
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    Does anyone know the lifetime of the PCM? :confuse:
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    From what I have noticed from Jeep owners in different forums, the PCM can go bad at any time. I've seen a lot of folks having PCM issues on their 2005 & 2006 JCG models, but I've also seen some having to replace their PCM's on 2008 models. If you just bought yours, it is possible that the PCM on it has already been replaced. If all of a sudden you notice your vehicle starts acting like its possessed, AC only works occassionally, wipers running on their own, dash lights flickering on and off, vehicle stalling as you are doing 70mph on the highway, is most likely a sign that your PCM is going bad, but some folks here have had luck with just replacing the ignition switch. Both appear to be easy to replace yourself without having to pay the exhorbitant dealership prices. There is a place in Davie, FL that's been highly recommended by some people in these forum for PCM cards ( and they have a lifetime guarantee on their PCM's which they honor. I hope you don't experience any electrical issues with your vehicle though, they can be nerve wracking to diagnose and you end up losing trust on the reliability of your truck while on the road.
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    Swapped engine with rebuilt. When I started engine it races. Any thoughts on why would be appreciated. This is a 2002 grand cherokee
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    Did not pay for the JGC yet, it is 2002 JGC sport with 130,000 miles on it. The test drive is pretty smooth, and everything inside works good, at least for the 30 minutes I was driving it. I asked the dealer to replace the driving belt of it as it cracked. The check engine light went on yesterday when I tried to pick it up, so I ask them to clear the light and tell me what the problem is..... Any thoughts on the potential problem?

    I thought JGC was built to last forever (with proper maintenance), at least before I did the research on this vehicle. Is that still worth to buy considering this mileage?

    Really have no idea about this, all vehicles have problems, and all vehicles have electric system problems, is JGC just one common one among all automobiles or its electrical issue is "significant" severe than others?......
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    i have a 2001 jeep grand cherokee. my battery went dead and we jumped it. it will turn over but wont fire. i hear the fuel pump coming on. so its getting fuel. if i push the accelerator and try starting it it will start but as soon as i let off the pedal it dies immediately. can someone help? of course the warranty expired last month.
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    Does the dealership offer any type of warranty with it? The older JCG's (97, 98, 99) were very reliable vehicles, but the newer models are suffering from the poor workmanship that has been evident in all Chrysler vehicles during the past decade. A check engine light could be something as simple as the oxygen sensor, fuel pressure sending unit sensor, speed sensor, etc, these trucks are loaded with all sorts of sensors nowadays. The concensus among most Jeep owners I have seen is that if the Jeep makes it to 100,000 miles before electrical issues start rearing their ugly head, then it is a solid vehicle and you will probably enjoy it for many years to come. Of course you have to be aware that when you buy a vehicle with such high mileage on it, chances are that the big repairs are just around the bend, but if you are getting an execellent deal on the price, then it might be worth it, if you are mechanically inclined and can do some of the work yourself. Honestly, as much as I love my truck, if I were to buy another vehicle today, it would not be JGC, and if I were to buy something with such high mileage on it, I would look for a Toyota, Chevy, Nissan, or Honda SUV instead. All that said, if you love the truck and it seems solid and you go into it having done some research (as you have), and are aware of the possible issues ahead, then you'll be happy with the truck. Test drive it some more, get on the highway with it, make sure it doesn't stall on you or ride differently over 55mph. And you know, everything is fixable if you have the time and money, and you will get lots of help from Jeep owners and enthusiasts in these forums if your future Jeep starts giving you headaches. Also make sure your local Jeep dealership has a reliable service department or that you have a mechanic available that you can trust, because Chrysler will try to stick it to you everytime you take the vehicle in for anything. Even when half the time they "can't duplicate the problem, so can't fix it", but yet they still charge you the $120 diagnostic fee every time. To answer your last question, the electrical issues are definitely more prevalent with Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep than with other brands, specially on the newer vehicles, it appears to be a combination of design flow, bad placement of PCM card, defective wiring harnesses, and using a decade old PCM card design that should have been scrapped long ago.
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