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Hi I just moved to Canada and am purchasing a Santa Fe LTD 3.5 AWD 2010. I would like to find out more about the Dealer offer on the Service package worth about 19 00 Cad. This covers you for 5 years or 100 000 km. Do any one have a better explanations do this cover all parts all labour is this all you pay for this time.
I had also opted for the corrosion treatment worth 400 C$ and double the corrosion warranty to 10 years.
Is this recommended, I understand it is a lot of money but if you just drop it off no extra cost. I believe parts like battery change is included.
I am in Sherbrooke Quebec


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    IMHO, any "package" offered by the dealer isn't worth it. There are so many loop holes and restrictions that you have to wade through to get them to pay for something. Miss an oil change by 10 miles and you're not covered. I've never met anyone that paid for one of these packages and was happy with it. I feel that the basic factory warranty that Hyundai offers is good enough.
    Again, my humble opinion.
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