Buying a Used Hyundai Elantra

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my step father is offering me a 2002 hyundai elantra gl sedan with 187,000 miles for $2300. i don't know if he is asking too much for this vehicle. it seems to work okay and looks good. but the mileage bothers me. is it a good deal or should i pass....

ps. i can't afford to get the car checked out . but it runs nice.


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    Just a note to let you know I changed the discussion title so that we can continue to use it after your question is answered.

    Did you check out TMV on this vehicle? Without knowing all of the details, I can't really do it for you, but a quick check on TMV in my area, assuming the vehicle doesn't have a lot of extras, puts it closer to $1800 private party. The miles are a killer.

    In general, I'm wary of buying from relatives as it could lead to bad feelings if the deal doesn't work out, or the vehicle has a major issue soon after purchase.


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    I would say that if you can't afford $75-100 to have the car checked out, you can't afford a car at all.

    With any used car purchase you should automatically set aside 10-20% of your total budget in order to cover any unexpected repairs. If $2300 is everything you've got to spend on a car, you should be looking for an $1800 car.
  • wabiwabi Member Posts: 1
    I bought a 02 Elantra GLS, with 72K miles, 7 months ago for $5K. It ran nice and looked very clean when I bought it. Second day out the warning lights came on. Intermittently the CEL and the brake/ABS lights would come on, all, or both. The lot where I bought it (under warranty) tgried everything, even taking it to Hyundai dealership. Still they come on. They are offering me an even trade to a 06 Elantra hatchback, 60K miles. Its not as clean (taken care of ?) as the 02, no TCS (traction control?) or woodgrain trim, may or may not have ABS but it does have all the necessities.
    I saw a little water in the trunk. Should i be worried about that? Should i do a carfax? Are there any tips/advice you can give me before i tear out what remains of my hair !
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    If it doesn't have TCS, it doesn't have ABS either.

    Have the dealer run the Carfax for you, but it's not foolproof. Water in the trunk is not a good sign. How much water? A little as in, the hatch could have been left open, or a lot sloshing in the spare tire well?

    Can't they just refund your money?
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