Mazda CX-9 FWD vs AWD Handling

gungagunga Posts: 16
Looking at getting a CX-9. Performance handling / corning is important to me. Looking for comments about the difference between AWD vs FWD.

Would like to hear from someone who has driven both in a CX-9


  • ceric is your man. Wait for his response

    I've driven both types of CX9s and can't tell the difference.
  • We just bought a 2010 FWD..NOW. my wife has ONLY driven either RWD or AWD(BMW, Subaru her whole life) and when we tested FWD like ACURA TL one day she says what is wrong with this we knew she could tell. Go to MAZDA dealer, and we drive both models on two diff. days, both times and I agree that the FWD seemed more smooth on the road and less "clunky" I agree with the salesman that AWD (unless all time AWD) only "kicks" in when needed BUT I can tell a difference, perhaps its the 300lbs diff with the rear end on the AWD model. Any way I cannot tell you about handling yet, it only has 193 miles, good luck! dogdoc
  • after months, do you have an opinion on whether the AWD or the FWD makes a difference on the Mazda CX-9? I have an option to pick up an AWD dealer demo that is LOADED or wait to pay more for a FWD that is priced 1600 higher and is missiing another $1200 worth of options that I want. Which would you pick?
  • I had a 2007 fwd CX-9 and traded it up for a 2010 awd model about a month ago. I immediately noticed that the handling was better. It's just more grippy. The mazda system sends power to wheels that need it as you pull through a turn or accelerate (or decelerate) strongly. I don't take curves fast very often, but I put both versions through their paces and I'm convinced the awd feels more glued to the road. It also handles better on wet roads (of course). Only drawback is fuel economy suffers. But it's worth it for some piece of mind on steep unimproved forest roads.

    Also, it may be the difference between the 2007 and 2010 (or just my imagination), but it really seems like the awd model has a tighter turning radius.
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