Dakota rear end problem

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Hi, I have a 2004 4.7L 4x4 Dakota which I have not owned for long. The rear differential started making a whining sound, and the rear end was binding up around corners. I brought it in and upon inspection, the dealership replaced the entire rear differential under warranty, which I was initially pretty happy about. Now the noise is gone, but when making a turn from a stopped position, I am still getting a shuddering (fairly significant) from the rear. I brought it back in and they say that what it is doing is normal, and I said that I have never experienced that in my life on any vehicle I have ever driven. Any thoughts, suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks


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    yooo i have a 2006 dakota with a limited slip rear. every time i put on the brakes the whole rear shudders. i tried replacing the one return spring system with the upgraded two return spring system for the rear brakes. i bought the kit from chrysler. had the drums turned at the same time . still does it. starting to think it's the posi rear. anyone have any ideas. i just signed up the other day. hope i'm using this site the right way
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    I think I'm having the same problem with my 99 dakota. It seems when turning at slow speeds the rear wheels are trying to turn at different speeds causing the car to bog down pretty bad. I keep hearing that replacing the differential would fix that, but since it worked just fine before I replaced the transfer case I want to be sure that the recent work done didn't cause the problem.
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    you should look into an additive for your transfercase. I have fix this problem before by changing the fluid with an updated fluid.
    hope it helps.
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    Hi I have fix a few dodge drive train problems rear dif. and transfercase's with up dated fluids for t-case and motorcraft rear dif. additive, (good stuff)
    hope this helps...
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