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New car, Purchase the added security or no?

epirbepirb Member Posts: 4
edited August 2014 in Subaru
I just bought a 2011 subaru legacy. The dealer is recommending the added security plan. Normal cost is 564 for the 3 years on top of the manufacturer's 3 years.
He says that if i order before i take delivery, he should be able to get the price to 400 dollars.
Do you think its a good deal? oh if your wondering where i am. the dealers in ramsey new jersey

Also. has anyone had experiance with the added security plan with older subaru's? i just don't want one of those useless plans that doesn't cover anything, or has a zillion loopholes that you only find out when something happens.


  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    That actually seems like a good price. Can you clarify - is that bumper to bumper for 6 years? How many miles?

    It includes roadside assistant, too.
  • fibber2fibber2 Member Posts: 3,786
    No Juice, for $400 it sounds like he is just getting the minimum 3 year policy that overlaps the basic warranty. That provides a rental car, maybe an enhances roadside assistance, etc. Frankly unless you are going to buy a policy that goes beyond the basic warranty term, I'm not convinced it has much real value.

    Now as far as buying into a 5, 6 or 7 year policy, it really depends on your luck. Feeling lucky kid? may not need it. Like me? buy as much supplemental coverage as you can afford!!
  • epirbepirb Member Posts: 4
    Oh, just so you know. its the minumum policy. Not the gold. But i only purchased the base model of the legacy. no moonroof or power seat etc.

    but the covered parts list is the enginer, brakes, transmission, cooling system, awd, stteering, front suspension, electrical, fuel and air condition
  • fibber2fibber2 Member Posts: 3,786
    OK. So what exactly extra is covered during this period that is not already covered by the original 3 yr warranty? Unless the plan is for unlimited mileage and you plan to drive a lot the first 3 years, I just don't see the point.... Not trying to be harsh, but am I missing something?
  • epirbepirb Member Posts: 4
    all it is making that 3 year warranty that comes with the car.. 6 years long..

    Is it worth it for 400 dollars? or no. piece of mind?
  • fibber2fibber2 Member Posts: 3,786
    6 years long? No, at least not for $400. There is a 3 year / 45k plan that runs concurrent with the basic warranty that is around $400. The 6 year basic (not gold) extended plan runs closer to 2-3x that.

    We need to know the exact terms: length (and they all begin at day 1), mileage & deductible.
  • gjksngjksn Member Posts: 35
    For my 2003 Legacy Wagon SE, I got the Subaru Gold 7 year warranty. It covered what would have been a very expensive moon roof repair, and just weeks or days before it expired, it covered replacement of the center differential. Since I wouldn't know a differential from a toaster, it might have been the rear differential (if there is one). At any rate, that was pretty expensive, and it was covered too. It's a hard decision whether or not to get an extended warranty. I would do a search of this forum (or maybe Subaru generally), because if my memory serves, I have the impression that people were saying if you weren't going to get the Gold, not to bother. These warranties have been frequently discussed over the years. GRJ
  • epirbepirb Member Posts: 4
    This is the link to the subaru's plan

    The one that i am looking at is the Classic Plan

    Classic Plan
    •Classic plans cover nearly 1000 parts in all major component areas, including engine, transmission, drivetrains, front suspension, steering, brakes, electrical, cooling and fuel systems and air conditioning. Also provides towing and rental car reimbursement for covered repairs.

    I am paying 400 dollars to get it. It is activate when the manufacture warranty expires in 3 years. the plan will then cover the next 3 years. ( years 3-6)
    100 dollar deductible per visit.
  • fibber2fibber2 Member Posts: 3,786
    Again, I going to ask you if you are *really* sure what you are buying. Tricky wording on the part of the dealer's finance guy can leave you with less coverage than you think you are getting.

    I found this ad from a dealership in Penn on line:

    Plan Terms (YR/MILES) with $100 Deductible

    .............. Classic......Gold

    3/45,000 $246 $360
    4/60,000 $328 $544
    5/60,000 $442 $718
    6/60,000 $564 $872
    6/80,000 $840 $1,230
    7/70,000 $840 $1,230

    All Subaru plans are referenced (year/mileage figures) to begin on the day you buy the car, and from ODO=zero.

    So if they are telling you $400 for a 3 year plan, it is either an overpriced offer to cover the difference between 36k and 45k miles (but same first 3 years), or a real sweetheart of a deal that is getting you to 6 years and much higher mileage (either 60k or 80k). It could be, but please ask!! I'm trying to help you here....
  • cptpltcptplt Member Posts: 1,075
    edited November 2010
    my experience with SOA Added Security- I always get the 7yr/100k gold with zero deductible

    98 legacy GT -130K, replaced a/c evap/condensor and compressor, power radio antenna twice, engine oil leak fixed, dealer even got SOA to pay for the timing belt at the time of the oil leak as it was "damaged" by the oil, also dealer replaced several dash bulbs (which are not actually covered), got way more than my money back on this one

    02 WRX - 60K - lost money on this one, though they did replace leaking fuel lines, but that issue eventually became a recall item, also replaced rear view dimming mirror/compass

    06 Tribeca- 60K , still have another year of ext warranty to go, have had bushings, and control rods replaced so far under the ext warranty- I was just out the 5yr/60K powertrain warranty on that , replaced 2 dc power outlets, probably break even at the least if not ahead even if nothing else needs fixing

    I will say if you have it they (dealer and SOA) seem to treat you much better on issues, eg the fuel line leak, dealer initially said it wasn't covered as it was a "hose" which is a "wear" item. When I called SOA and said I had an ext warranty, they immediately had dealer fix it under the ext warranty. though it would have been covered under the recall which came out a year or two later so I probably could have got my money back on that repair

    you can usually find a dealer on line to sell it for 2/3 list price. you also don't need to buy it till just before the 3 yr/36K bumper to bumper warranty is up

    if you put a lot of miles on (but not above the covergae limits!) its probably worth it, if not probably not
  • su_a_vesu_a_ve Member Posts: 82
    Any recommendations on where to get a Gold Plus warranty at cost? TIA..
  • rs6errs6er Member Posts: 11
    I got a Gold Plus Warranty for my 2007 Spec B from a dealer in MA for $150 over cost with no tax. Will post if I can find the info.
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