10 Passenger Vehicle

mediteastmediteast Member Posts: 1
I need at least a 10 passenger vehicle. My options are:

1. Chevy Suburban (9) with added littlepassenger seats (2)

2. Ford Expedition EL (9) with added littlepassenger seats (2)

3. Mercedes Benz/Freightliner Sprinter (12)

Any advice on which is better? Thank you.



  • kiawahkiawah Member Posts: 3,666
    edited October 2010
    You should look at the Ford E-series Van. Plenty of seating capacity. You can get models which seat up to 15, if your family is expanding.

    Make sure everyone has a seatbelt.
  • only1mooreonly1moore Member Posts: 6
    I'm not so sure if Ford will make a 10-passenger Expedition EL or Chevy building a 10-seat Suburban. But I agree with Kiawah that the Ford E-series or Chevy Express would be your best bet.
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