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2010 Infiniti AWD Acceleration Problems

The car accelerates without the driver (me) applying pressure to the accelerator pedal.

I get in the car
Start the engine
Change to Reverse gear
Reverse out
Change to Drive gear
And the car shows 1000+ rpm drives up to 20 mph

All this time I didn't apply any pressure to the accelerator and that's the problem. It's like it's set at cruise control.

Anyone has similar experience?


  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,070
    What you are describing doesn't sound abnormal to me if the car is cold when you do this. When cold, a car idles at higher rpms. In an automatic equipped vehicle, if you put it in gear and take your foot off the brake, the car WILL move as long as enough torque exists to overcome the mass. In this case, at over 1k rpms, the car would have no problem moving forward.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    Why don't you try taking it to the local dealer and have them check it out?
  • ts1234ts1234 Posts: 21
    Have same problem with Infinit 2010 EX AWD.
    1900 miles. Will have it checked out by dealer.
    Just dosn't seem right.
  • beerbud1beerbud1 Posts: 3
    edited October 2010
    ts1234 Please update me/the thread with your car's status after you go to the dealership. My car is EX35 Journey AWD.

    For my case: Dealer replaced battery(!) because battery failed routine check up.

    However acceleration issue is persistent.

    Want to ADD another symptom:
    Once speed is over 5 mph, lift foot away from gas pedal and stop applying pressure to gas. The vehicle does not decelerate - I was able to circle my apartment parking twice and more! In fact car usually accelerates ...

    Going back to dealer for a test drive.
  • Had the road test at dealership a few days ago and the tech who did the road test with me also reported the non-decelerating issue.

    The dealership took the car in and called me the next day that they are seeing similar issues with their other new 2010 EX in the lot and they are escalating this to Infiniti...
  • ts1234ts1234 Posts: 21
    Thanks for the update on the Acceleration Problem, I am still having same issue, but won't be able to get into dealer for a week or two. Please update when you can.
  • ts1234ts1234 Posts: 21
    Took car into dealer, said high idle and acceleration is normal.
    Not totaly convinced, never had a car drive like this.
    beerbud1 any update on your car after taking into dealer.
  • ts1234ts1234 Posts: 21
    beerbud any update on your car ?
  • tstringertstringer Posts: 1
    My problems are not exactly like the initial post.
    First, when I make a stop, then attempt to accelerate, there is a hesitation (like the car is in neutral) for a couple of seconds, then a jerk right before it takes off.
    My second issue is when I am coasting (taking my foot off the brake) or stopped with my foot on the brake my car will jerk.
    Third, I have noticed that once I park in my garage when I turn off the car there is a cracking sound for almost 20 min after the engine is cut off.

    My car has 31,000 miles on it, bought it 3 months ago with 28,000. I took it to the dealer when I first noticed the first two problems but of course when they drove it it behaved.
    I am taking it back within the next week for an oil change and will have them take a look at it again.
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