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Kia Sorento Heating and Air Conditioning

rwestonrweston Posts: 2
One of the three lights on the manual HVAC controls of our 2005 Sorento has gone out. I've found that 97309 3e000 is the part number for the bulbs on a 2004. Can anyone verify that that is the same part number for the 2005 model? More importantly, how do I get to the light??? I read one post that suggested there's a circuit board and soldering involved but I haven't determined if the whole control head needs to be removed or if the knob can be disassembled from the front. Has anyone actually replaced these bulbs? Thanks!



  • Pretty cold day, about 28 degrees, stopped at store and left vehicle idling in Park. Before I went into the store the heater was working fine, when I returned cool air was coming out of the air ducts. Did NOT change any settings. I had to get going and couldn't do any more investigating, but as soon as I drove off the heat out of the ducts was hot again.
    Normally a condition like this would be attributed to a low coolant level, but the coolant level is right where it should be.

    Anyone else experience this? If so what was the fix?

    2006 Kia Sorento 4x4
  • The heater has stop working unless at a high rpm. Its a 2004 Sorento. Any answers?
  • I have come to the conclusion that my wife's Kia Sorento is a piece of ****.
  • I have an 04 and it just started having this same problem. I thought it may be a thermostat problem, but not sure. Did you get yours fixed?
  • triffetriffe Posts: 1
    How can I see the answers or replies to previous questions.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    How can I see the answers or replies to previous questions.

    At the top of this list of messages you should see an item that says something like "Messages page 2 of 3" with some page numbers directly below it. Click one of those numbers to navigate back to previous pages.

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  • Your antifreeze is low. Get a gallon or two of the pre-mix antifreeze and fill the tank near the fire wall (passengers side). Just make sure you do it when the engine is cool, otherwise releasing the cap under pressure can release a rush of very hot water/antifreeze. I beleive the tank at the firewall holds about a gallon, after a couple of trips and once the engine is cool, check and fill it as needed to the proper levels.

    My antifreeze is going low all the time, I do not know why! I suspect the radiator cap is bad. If the system does not hold pressure, the antifreeze will boil off. Keeping the fluid under pressure prevents it from boiling off. The cap is suppose to keep the system under pressure. If your cap were bad, I would think the system would have low pressure and hence, allow the antifreeze to boil off.

    The heater in the Kia Sorento, with proper fluid levels should cause you to roll down the windows in sub-zero weather.

    BTW, how's your dome lights, had the diode problem yet?
  • I wish it was that easy. My anti-freeze level right where is should be, full. That is not the problem. I don't think enough hot water is flowing thru the heater core at idle speed. Either it be the design of engine, the water pump is not circulating the heated water fast enough at idle I do not know, but when driving normally, the heat is fine.
  • The battery on our 2003 Kia Sorento went dead after we jump stared it the climate control started reading Celsius not Fahrenheit. Can anyone please let me know how do I fix this problem
    thank you
  • tyler9tyler9 Posts: 2
    Push and hold the AMB button and while doing so push and hold the temp down button until it changes. Mine seems to change on its own every now and then.
  • tyler9tyler9 Posts: 2
    My 2005 Sorento with 92000km's on it has had its heating module replaced twice under warranty and the problem is still not fixed. The problem is that when the vehicle is started the heating works fine as normal. About 30 minutes into driving the dash vents start blowing out colder air even when the setting is on the floor and defrost. If the drive is longer the heat output starts to cool off to the point I have to increase the temperature. It eventually gets to the point that I have to keep the heat on high which is 32 Celsius to get the heat. The heat is there (as noted on high it kicks out full heat) but at 30 or 31 during a long drive it will kick out cool air.. almost aircondioning cool. Anyone else have this issue?? The dealer hasn't heard of anyone else or know what the problem might be?
  • wknoxwknox Posts: 2
    I'm having the same problem it just started a couple month's ago.
    no matter how much antifreeze we put in it doesn't work. If we're driving after a while it works but. other then that you might as well run the a/c.
    does any one know what the problem is??????
    help :mad:
  • Okay,
    My wife has a 2003 Sorento EX.
    She experienced the same trouble and they found the following and I was surprised.

    The resevour tank apparently is pressurized in opposition to other makes where it is vented to the atmosphere. It sounded like the dealer was stretching when they told me she needed a new resivor. but walla that solved it. I t sound though that now that it is out of warranty I will be dropping big dollars when it happens again. Sounds like a persistant problem.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    the coolant resevoir..if that is what you are referring too is ease to replace....about $80-100 for the part itself from the dealer........labor kills ya......install it yourself!!
  • wknoxwknox Posts: 2
    i just had the resevior change in my kia and the dealer said its very common in kia sorento's it has to be how its positioned
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    not so much on how its positioned as to how it is made...the OEM ones causing the provlems have ribbed bottom..the new ones are smooth...seems the ribbed moldings have a tendency to crack and leak over time...
  • gail15gail15 Posts: 2
    We have a Kia Spectra 2004. Last year the air conditioning stopped blowing through the vents after 30 minutes of a 5 hour trip. We can hear the blower still working but it only emits a trickle of cool air through the vent. If we turn it off for 30 minutes or switch to vents with no AC the blower works just fine. I might think it was freezing up on us but it does the same thing in the winter when we have it on heat. The heated air just stops coming into the cabin after 30 minutes and we freeze. Does anyone have a answer for this problem? Dealership says they haven't heard of anyone with this problem. They have been unable to recreate the conditions anytime we have taken it in. Any ideas?
  • mart3mart3 Posts: 1
    Hello gail15,

    I have the exact same problem with my spectra 2005... do you have any information...?
  • gail15gail15 Posts: 2
    We have been told it sounds like it might be the Blend Door Actuator that is causing the problem. Our mechanic is getting the part from the dealership.
  • I own a 06 kia sorento i had the same problem they pulled some leaves out of my vents. Which i thought they where full of crap ,but so far so good. I have heard of the reservoir where you put you're antifreeze in some cases have had some cracks in them.
    all though i do not go to that dealer ship no more the gave me a run around for three weeks on this issue. hope that helps some
  • marcogmarcog Posts: 2
    My wife's 03 had the same problem, but the water temp gauge was slow to come up to the normal heat range. I changed the thermostat. It has rubber seals on it that were damaged/worn. It heats up quickly now.
  • My 2006 sorento tx as a problem with the climate control, some time it's on some timeit's not. when on auto its blowing cold air through the AC, there is no warm air coming through at all. my dealer told me a new contol unit was requiered £900 fitted. Any body got a cheaper solution. I live near Chester UK.
  • I have a 06 Sorento XT with climate control, it was working fine but for some reason now the fan will not switch off it seems to be constantly running at about setting 3, All the other buttons work and temperatures are ok but the fan will not switch off at the off button and cannot be reduced to less than the 3 fan setting . Anybody got any help or advice ? Thanks :mad:
  • 2006 KIA sorento had no heat - under warranty and the dealership replaced the blend door actuator because of an internal shot. Heat returned. :)
  • krokokroko Posts: 1
    My 2003 Kia Sorento, has a problem with it's heater. Only works intermittently at high speed. Also, the reservoir appears to lose coolant though I can not seem to find any leaks in the system. Anyone have any ideas? I'm freezing my tail off.
  • You could have a blown head gasket. Coolant is entering the engine and being blown out the exhaust.
    Or, you heater core could have a leak in it.

    Just wondering you say it only works intermittenly at "high speed". At other speeds does the heater stay on and blow hot air?

    If so, it is not the heater core or coolant per se, but a problem with your blower motor.

    Could be any one of multiple causes.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    if you are losing coolant from the probably have a crack in the bottom of it...a know weak point in the early models.....probably need to replace the reservoir.....can be done yourself.....prices vary on the container from 40-100 depending on your dealer.....
  • eg6122eg6122 Posts: 1
    My Kia is having the same problem. The warranty is out. Do you know how much the part was and how long did it take them to get the car back to you. Thanks for your help.">
  • Did you ever solve your problem? I'm having the same issue
  • paopao Posts: 1,867 14819&chapter=&Sectionids=0,51825&groupid=4302&subgroupid=2378&componentid=0&mak- e=18&model=Sorento&year=2006&graphicID=2310070&callout=7&catalogid=2&displayCata- logid=0

    this appears to be the part..did a search at just one online kia parts place....part runs about $100, assuming this is the correct say its a one day job, but probably depends on how much disassembly of the duct work and console they have to the math at $90 an hour labor........the dealership should be able to look in their shop manual and give you a time estimate to replace it...
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