Saturn Vue Stalls after Getting Gas

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I have a 2003 Saturn Vue, 4 cylinder, manual transmission. For the last two years when ever I fill up with gasoline (doesn't matter if I get a gallon or 10 gallons), when I start the car after getting the gas it immediately stalls. When I attempt to restart it, it takes about 10 seconds before it will catch and start. It does not stall or not start at any other time. I have taken it in to be checked, the computer shows them a few code errors but they can not find the problem to match it. Any ideas?


  • ndvuendvue Member Posts: 2
    This is happening to me as well. What id you find out, would love to know.
  • monicapamonicapa Member Posts: 3
    I just bought the 2003 Saturn Vue for my son as a graduation gift. We are detailing it and when my husband went to fill up the tank it won't turn over. He had to put it in neutral and it's still sitting at the gas station right now. We just put in a new battery yesterday. If anyone knows what the problem may be -- I'd greatly appreciate a response. V6 automatic.
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    Found out that it was a cracked fuel line. Somehow it was flooding the engine and turned out to be pretty serious, $$$ because I waited too long trying things like new fuel caps and other quick fixes. Take it in and have them check the fuel
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    Unfortunately, it was worse than what we thought. We jump started the car to take it to our mechanic. Found out that they only hand tightened the battery!!! I was pretty happy...UNTIL...the mechanic informed me that the car I just bought as a first car for my son needs a new exhaust system, and the oil keeps dripping into the anti-freeze (of course, this was after paying $200 to have them flush it just to find out it was "muddy" due to the oil.) So, that requires some welding. Total bill....$1700! Exactly what I paid for the VUE. Wish I could just cut my losses, but I couldn't do to someone what the guy I bought it from did to me -- just push my problems off onto someone else.
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    IF its any consolation... You really can't get much of a car for $ 3400.00 so you're probably going to wind up with a pretty good car once the repairs are done.
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    I have an 03 saturn vue that I just replaced the spark plugs, and valve cover gasket on. Now before I did all of this there was no smoke or gas smell, but after the replacements, there is now thick white smoke and a strong gas smell coming from the exaust. Is there something I could have plugged in wrong or messed up in the process?
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