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2005 Baja clock and odometer not lit

smfoley1smfoley1 Member Posts: 2
edited September 2014 in Subaru
all the other lights in the instrument cluster work fine. The only things not lit are the clock and odometer. Are they supposed to be lit?


  • dave0115dave0115 Member Posts: 2
    I just purchased an 06 and have the same issue. Have you found the fix?
  • smfoley1smfoley1 Member Posts: 2
    there are bulbs behind the displays. Not sure if it was one or two bulbs. My car was still under warranty so the dealer fixed it. But it was definately a bulb seperate from the rest of the instrument cluster
  • zibercatzibercat Member Posts: 3
    edited January 2011
    There are two different size light bulbs, I had the same problem with my 05 Baja, I went to the dealer to get the light bulb (they have a plastic base so you can twist and remove/install). Since the service guy wasn't sure which light bulb was, I got one of each just in case. It was the smallest of the two. About $8 something. It took me about 15 to 30 minutes to change the light bulb. I hope this helps.
  • lagallalagalla Member Posts: 1
    I need to know, how do you replace the clock light on a 2005 Subaru Baja, thanks.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Just an FYI - on my 98 Forester the connections would crack, you could just remove it and touch a hot soldering iron to them, and it would work again.

    I had to fix mine twice, but it was easy.
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