Volvo XC90 Exterior and Interior protection

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I purchased a new XC60 this week and in closing the deal they wanted me to buy $995.00 worth of protection coating for the exterior and interior of the car. Would stop oxidation of the paint along with never having to wax and protect the leather seats from stains etc. Also they would repair any cuts in the seats. Is this worth the extra expense? What has everyone else done?


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    Check the owner's manual. Some manufacturers no longer even recommend waxing cars, much less putting some kind of "protective coating" on it.

    A can of wax and some Lexol or similar stuff now and then will keep everything nice and shiny. If you rip your seats, an upholstery shop could fix that, but how often do people rip and cut their seats?

    Sounds like about $985 worth of dealer profit to me. :)
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    Lost coolant after dealer replaced a new fuel pump.

    Before driving, the level of coolant is Max and tank cap is very tight. Driving back home and stop engine, the coolant level is still Max. Second day, coolant is lost and tank cap is a LITTLE loose. No more coolant loss if leaving it at home without driving. If I topped up the tank, after two days driving, coolant level is lower than MIN.

    I did not find any leaks, like fuel tank and passenger's side floor.

    Is it possible that tank cap causes this coolant loss?

    Thanks for your comments.
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    It works great, I have it on my motorcycle and car. It does as says. I have no tank scratches on my bike because of the help of that stuff. Dirt sprays right off, I dont have to claybar car or bike in order to clean it up. I also never have to use a buffer to wax every year. 900.00 is steep though. I paid 20 bucks for the bike and 100.00 for the car but I just paid the cost of the bottle of Zillon. Expect 300.00-400.00 max
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