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hello i own a 00 base mustang with the v6 5 speed 3.8 yada yada yada ok i can not get the alt to charge had it tested and it test good battery still runs down while driving cant even run car 20 minutes off a twenty minute jump charge mean hooking jump cables up letting boost car run for 20 minutes then starting and driving. ok so yesterday i bought alternator had it tested, test ok put it in ran boost car for 20 minutes to make sure i had full charge on battery before starting started right up battery light still on no charge, got to oriellys they said battery was no good well of course thats what there cpu is going to say i ran the car 5 miles straight off battery with out being charge, but just too humor them i bought a battery put it in car started right up same thing battery light on ran it for 10 minutes turned on ac voltmeter dropped instantly sputtered died had alt rechecked checked just fine, replaced whole wireing harness from alternator too distrubtion box ran car for 20 minutes again too jump fired up car same thing. im so baffled and peeved i dont know what to do all my connections are fine battery is fine alt is fine and fuse is fine.....please help!!


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    Try a new alternator. Some have reported getting bad replacements.
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    I know this post is a lil old like a year lol but i have the same problems with my v6 2000 mustang i was wondering if you found the problem and if so could you let me know plz thank you.
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    Hey, chris702,

    Yes, the post you're responding to is pretty old. If you don't get an answer here, try posting your question in the "Edmunds Answers" box on the right side of this page -- you may get an answer a little more quickly than jeremiah6 did :)

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    beware the batter is all time due of mustang ford mustang 2005 alternator will make batter die all about the amp`s coming out of the alternator what i trying say replace the alternator or rebbuit .
    then charge the batter slow charge setting . do a complettle charge .. i`m still leaning about my mustang ..

    ps. do not wait to long to replace your alternator it kill your batter and cost more money in the [non-permissible content removed] ..
    take from it happen to me ....
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