Ford Escape Odor

mastiedmastied Member Posts: 2
Have an 03 Escape with 93K, been a great can, never had any issues or problems, very impressed. I now notice a rubber type odor coming from the engine. I've checked the hoses and the coolant level, they seem fine. Could it be somethin electrical going bad? And now at the same time, I've noticed a ver small oil leak. The bottom of the oil pan has just a drip of oil. I've tried to trace where it is coming from, but don't know. Could these two things be related or just bad luck? Any help would be great.


  • davichodavicho Member Posts: 190
    My bet is that some of the oil that is leaking is hitting the exhaust and that rubber burning smell is actually oil being burnt.
  • rangerdonrangerdon Member Posts: 2
    I know this is an Old Post but , I have the problem today.! Its not OIL.
    Its actual rubber getting very Hot! 2 Things I have not Checked -- 1 ABS connections, 2 The Heat from exhaust Pipe. and/or clogged cadilac converter.
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