Noise coming from front end.

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I have put in new struts all the way around and im still geting a noise from the front like if i need new struts. I took my car to the shop and was told that i had to replace my left sway bar link and my right tie rod. I have put these parts in the car already, and still have the same noise. Anyone know's what it might be?


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    Sway bar bushings.

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    And if I'm not mistaken you have to change the entire sway bar to get the new bushings, unless someone found a way around it.
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    Yeah, you're right. What used to be a $40 90-minute job (even if you'd never done it before) is now a much bigger deal.
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    The early LS's are known for the knock from the sway bar bushings. There is an updated sway bar with bushings. SO yeah, I think you have to change the whole sway bar.
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    Thanks for the answer guys.
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