Need Help On Drivers Seat Repair, Astro conversion.

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Folks, I need your help.

I own a 1997 Chevy Astro conversion van with 185,500 miles on it.

I had some trouble with the driver's seat, it was rocking back and forth, and a bolt was out of the seat bottom where it attaches to the power seat parts.

Well this morning I went out and the seat started rocking again. When I looked at the seat I found a major problem. The seat is bolted to the floor with an L shaped piece of metal that is part of the seat frame. The metal piece on both sides of the seat has broken apart, looks like from metal fatigue.

Where in the world can I find replacement parts for these pieces? I am not comfortable with rewelding them, and the van is undrivable at this point the seat could literally throw me into the back seat of the van while I'm driving.

Thanks for your help.


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    I've got the same problem. This drivers seat should be recalled. I have to hang on for dear life! Mine is a 97 Safari conversion 87000mi with Flex-steel captains chairs. Let me know what happens. Sounds like a trip to the boneyard for me. Trouble is, trying to find the right one. Tried asking on astrosafaridotcooom and nobody can tell me anything. :sick:
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